Monday, November 9, 2009

[Fans Corner] Angelmani VII: Angel Republic or nothing (the ties that bind)

Angelmania VII

the ties that bind

by culasha

Just as we all thought that everything would always be fine and dandy, it cannot be avoided that some not so good things are meant to happen. Angel Republic stands in unison, “its like united we stand….divided we fall” kind of principle. It such a great gesture to share our common passion and interest in this thread. We know how hard it is to keep with all those endless polls, but we have proven time and again how our strong force…ala WAYA can make such a big IMPACT.

Sure enough our love for MS. ANGEL LOCSIN has made a mark…We love Angel from the bottom our hearts. I used to hate being a fanatic as I thought that a celebrity is entitled to his/her privacy come hell or high water and it was quite OA to invade their lives all the time scrutinizing every nook and cranny their personal lives like who are they dating and going out with… Isn’t it a fair game if we learn to respect their personal decisions no matter how in principle that we’re opposed to it.

When I came across LOBO thread and Angel Republic my life hasn’t been the same since then, I became a permanent inhabitant of…whooaaa…I’m really a fan of Manong Pex yeay!

My day isn’t complete if I didn’t lurk or post my hi…halu with smiley emoticon…musta na guys or my super-kilometric-slash-emote post every weekend I always cherish the moment of being a WOLFY, and an “ANGEL” added to this is our incomparable, inimitable obsession with Angel and Piolo tandem, we loved to see them every minute, every second, every single day and our desire to nudge our way into them with uncontrollable passion giving some people an EGO that is huge more than anyone can ever think of. There are many among us particularly at AREP who dedicate our lives and existance for a continued support for our ANGEL, we’re not in anyway threatened with the possibility that she might also be paired with other actors aside from Piolo whom she had share stellar role at LOBO and a lot of endorsements together and now currently filming Star Cinemas, and Rory Quintos opus, tentatively titled “Down Under”

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