Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Imortal: review of episode 82

Review written by: Angeladik

It's still wedding preparation time with Lucas getting bad.  Did I miss his actual telling to Lucille about Mateo? okay he already did and in front of Lia and Mateo it's as if he didn't say a word to anyone.  As usual he keeps insulting Mateo and telling Lia not to proceed with the wedding.  But he doesn't need to as he already did Lucille a favor by making her do it for him, to stop the wedding ceremonies.  That's actually what we will be seeing and how it actually happens in the next episode.

While this entire episode 81 we are still on the preparation side, the nice part of course would be when Lia is being made up for the wedding and in the actual event as she walks down the aisle looking very stunning in her wedding face wise look. Like I said the wedding dress is not exactly a favorite for me nevertheless Angel's able to carry it fine.

Some scenes with Nanay Tabs crying and BFF Miriam sharing the scene with her. Both are actually happy for Lia.  The problem is Lucas of course. Abraham has a word with Mateo about making sure he tells everything to them and of course the nice scene of Mateo and Lia under the moon although kind of bitter sweet.  Nice one for them there John Lloyd Cruz (Mateo) and Angel Locsin (Lia).

The guests are ready for the wedding with Dara, Olive, and uncle? and Jethro and dad Tikboy also present aside from the Lobos and Wayas, also the Waya elite force. Surprise how Clarisse slips in and able to get a seat at that and make way for Lucille's grand entrance later.

In between least I forget, we have Lydia's vampire community and Sam and a now getting stronger Roman.  Sooner he will really be back as Sam keeps on poisoning him with ideas about Mateo and Lia, they should not be married.

Next episode.   The teaser we see Lucille's grand announcement about Mateo.  Both Mateo and Lia are imprisoned.  The vampire group of Magnus with Sam try their rescue mission since Mateo will be executed in public.  But it's Lia who gets ahead of them to be by Mateo's side as she herself breaks free from her prison chains.

My thoughts.  We've seen these scenes more times in previous teasers so here's hoping there's more to it to make everything still very exciting.  It's as if we almost know there will be no more wedding, at least for now. Perhaps saving this one if it happens for the ending??

We also need more of well thought of scenes than just redundant ones we've seen before. It would be nice if Mateo and Lia starts talking of topics like what plans they have if ever.  It's as if they don't discuss plans so much.  We need more creative minds especially when Mateo and Lia share their sweet moments and converse.

There are just so many topics Mateo and Lia can tackle and talk about. It would be added spice if they did talk a lot about a lot of things to convince us also about their connection since it's not enough that they just look good together.

Make them look smart by making them discuss plans.  Sometimes it's as if they don't even make plans especially.  So there's all this belief surrounding them about the prophesy.  The conversations also make it look like it's Lia who is more like the guy and Mateo seems like this spineless guy needing assurance all the time from his girl. It's not exactly a good idea for me.  I think writers should also give Lia her worth since it's always as if Mateo just needs her.

When you look at it, it seems both Mateo and Lia are both weak characters.  To think they're both the itinakda.  Lia always on the giving end and Mateo acting like a spineless guy?   What's with these writers anyway.  Yeah and you mentioned even Magnus is becoming a joke with his trying to decipher the prophesy all the times. We need a better written presentation frankly.

We need smarter characters.  It's a joke these writers.  Angel exudes a lot of strength acting wise since she's so good.  Even if effectively she makes those scenes, her character Lia is not exactly a strong character.  We wish they write better written characters not only for Angel's Lia but also for JL's Mateo. Take care of your leads writers!.

What the heck also making a scene there where Clarisse conveniently gets into her chair.  Aren't there guards there?  I wonder how writers would allow these.  Nicks maybe that's the reason you prefer watching those Korean TV flicks.  Sometimes we are subjected to all these.  I dunno where they picked writers?  Intentional?

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