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Imortal: review of episode 81

Review written by: Angeladik

Imortal episode 81.  The preparations before the wedding starts with a bridal shower as BFF Miriam makes things special for Lia.  Then another scene where we see a glimpse of Lia in white with Miriam and Nanay Tabs around and Mateo coming in but prevented by Miriam, as is folk talk not to let the groom see the bride in her wedding dress.

But it's when Lucas appears for the stag party? at Dara's place of course.  Everyone was there, Olive and Jethro, when Lucas who was invited drops by too.  But after finding out through holding Olive about what Mateo was keeping from them secret about the Vampires "kidnapping" of Olive, Jethro confronts Mateo just when Lucas was right behind Mateo.

We know of course previous to this event, Mateo overhears Jethro and Abraham's orders for him to spy on Mateo and Lucas opening the Lobo website courtesy of the password Lia gave him.  I dunno if Lia even considered that the wedding news would be the first Lucas will see in their website?  So when finally Jethro confronts Mateo about him keeping secrets from the Lobos and not to be trusted, again Mateo is in this emotional state where his itinakdang vampira sign on his nape lights up which Lucas sees.

Just when Lia is around to meet up with Mateo, Lucas gives her the warning about Mateo.  Only to find out she actually knows about Mateo's being the itinakdang vampira which in the website says will kill her.  Now I'm thinking it would be so careless of Lia the Punong Bantay to just give the password to the site knowing Lucas is not yet properly oriented to the ways of the Lobos and she did really trust him?  Knowing he's still not exactly in this agreeable terms with Mateo and how he's become since knowing about them being a couple?  So careless how the writers make the lobos look to have less better judgement and easily fooled and outwitted by the vamps.

I dunno.  Are the Lobos meant to be less thinking just becoz they're supposed to be half wolf? or the bad ones are always smarter? It seems this is where the writers want Lia's character going just to move the story.  Am I complaining? Guess?

Anyway I would have been fine at least with the progression but it always seems Lia starts getting herself into trouble.  Well, at least she finds out next time Lucas is not somebody to be trusted so stop being too nice to the extent of risking both her and Mateo? Lucas is just waiting for an opportunity to stop the marriage.  Can't she figure this out?

Okay, Lia was written as someone too trusting. She wouldn't exactly fall for Mateo after all if she were not like this.  Nevertheless, we won't get the drama imprisoned scenes had this not happened and Lia didn't have to leave the Lobo orientation by just giving the password to Lucas. [writers are getting lazy i guess and thus created too many convenient scenes ...or are they insulting their viewers treating us like non-critical thinkers -nicky]

Well, we can postpone the wedding can't we?  At least we get to see Mateo and Lia donned in those special clothes especially Lia who we hardly see in glam clothes. So this is a nice insert to get her to wear a wedding dress and be well made up.  Yeah the red lipstick I thought for a wedding even at night? nevertheless.

There are actually Lia scenes saving lives by fighting the bad vampires but it's too fast.  Sometimes I don't know why they can't even take good camera angles of the Lia saves the people scenes. 

So before the wedding, Lucas already tells Lucille about this little secret of Lia.  Why he chose to tell Lucille instead of let's say Abraham first only means one thing. He needs his revenge too. He is after all a trouble half lobo still harboring ill feelings about Mateo and being the one chosen by Lia instead of him.  Wrong judgment too and carelessness on the part of Lia is the part I question about in terms of the writing of Lia's character.

Next episode.  Teasers we see Lucille now making her grand entrance at the wedding.  The events are moving so it's a good reason to follow the coming episodes but hopefully to what brings the events about.  Let's hope the writers are more careful in how events transpire.

My thoughts.  The writers show those Lia saves the day scenes and yet so carelessly gives Lucas this information about the lobo website and as soon as he sees the itinakdang vampira sign on Mateo's nape, It was so easy. This secret was meant for just her most trusted.  She never thought this might happen?  We know how Lia was made to look dumb and a slow head just being an E.A. but as Punong Bantay at least give her more street smart savy than always being careless.

 I always have something to complain about because Angel is a lead protagonist here and this is a heroine role supposedly being emulated now as Punong Bantay.  But as usual the writers always have something for Lia to do to make her less. Viewers will not be liking this character Lia if she keeps on making herself less and it's the writers doing it.

It's sometimes insulting here. If they want Angel to play a dumb character then make it an all out dumb one.  Not like she's now the Punong Bantay and they're still at it writing her character this way.  What's your take on this character flaw for Lia Nicks?  You think it's because I'm a fan or is my complaint valid?  Remember Lia's now a Punong Bantay. I think too the lobos should eventually find out by themselves about Mateo's sign because it actually lights up when in a highly emotional state. You mean they haven't figured it out yet. [i dunno if the head writer for Imortal is paying close attention to his pool of writers ..looks like they don't have a solid character description of lia as 'punong bantay' you, i hope they would not make lia like all 'brawn' and no brains -nicky]

The lobos will find out about Mateo just the same when they kiss when the one officiating the wedding presumably a priest let's them kiss after they say their "I dos."  Oh yeah, they can make Mateo wear something to hide his nape.  Not even Abraham thought of that or even Mateo????  why not???

You can wear a scarf or something I dunno.  Anything to hide that sign but not be suspicious.  I was just figuring out. The writers should have made more thought about this perhaps?  How about you Nicks?  This is a progression passing episode.  Now waiting for the highlight episodes. [what can i say about our writers? we got too many issues with them already and yeah it's kinda frustrating aish ..they even missed even the obvious details -nicky]

Usually if you watch some foreign made show they would make this an issue how to hide the sign otherwise any lobo will see Mateo's sign since it just lights up and Abraham knows it from when he first saw it.

Writers should take care of details also ...

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