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Imortal: review of episode 74

Review written by: Angeladik

Lets move on to Imortal episode 74 which is about Lia finally accepting her new challenge, as the new Punong Bantay.  Her natural birth right now restored after she proves herself strong as the itinakdang lobo.  Of course it was necessary with all the latest developments, the vampire attacks, the imminent prophesy of the itinakdang lobo and vampira, coupled with Lucille's escape.

As expected, in spite being her childhood dream to take over from her mother Lyka, Lia is worried because of Mateo and feels being the Punong Bantay is a bigger responsibility to the Lobo race and she can't keep to herself Mateo's secret. This is the reason for her worry.

This episode is also a transformation fashion taste wise for Lia. As the Punong Bantay she can't be seen dressed up in unfashionable clothes, no more since as leader she needs to show strength, power someone dressed to lead a proud Lobo race.

Otherwise, like real life Angel Locsin's (Lia) fans, the Lobos might criticize their Punong Bantay for ill advised fashion.  Also, the timing seems right since it's getting more obvious Angel's finally loosing the weight she needs to.

This episode actually is an Angel watching episode, acting wise we know it's her rise and on target for what's required by the writers. Angel is the unassuming Lia now thrust to lead her race.  Angel always does this ingenue's turn very well who transforms.

It's a kind of bittersweet episode too as Mateo realizes for Lia and himself, they need to separate for the meantime.  To both find themselves as they need to have separate journeys but very hopeful that one day they will meet again more mature and ready to accept everything as future mature itinakdas. They need to mature first to deserve each other.

Mateo wants Lia to understand, through his letter.  Of course it's not Lia's idea but she needs to be strong.  It will actually help her too become a strong leader because she still is very soft and needs to be stronger not only for herself but for the entire Lobo race she needs to lead.  Stronger for herself and yes for Mateo even if they need to separate to be what they need to be for each other and for those they were destined to lead.

Before I get too redundant and boring.  I think we have the viewing pleasure fans want to get.  Some might want them together all the time but this might be a turning point hopefully their characters will be well developed further, it seems getting there.

Lia as Punong Bantay.  The Lia becomes the Punong Bantay has just the right amount of touch for me.  It could have been more dramatic but the writers decided to be low profile style which is how Lia's character is.  Although it can't be helped, the physical transformation with fashion getting one gear higher.

There were several looks for Lia in this episode but my fave would have to be the last dark pink dress for the inauguration as Punong Bantay and the letter for Lia from Mateo as he leaves her but not in spirit is very touching.  As we see in the teasers, the pain and heartache Lia needs to endure but still with the thought of how he cares and this is for their best :)  [so love that scene too teary eyed watching it ..i felt so proud for lia hehe - nicky]

Mateo leaves but where he's going is mysterious and Mark Gil is there and did I see Imelda too with him?  Okay, so Imortal promises to have more surprises in the coming episodes.

Mark Gil, a much welcome addition.  One good thing I found is the addition of Mark Gil to the cast.  Hopefully, a well written character will add competent interesting acting to the support group. That's for Mateo who's getting him in his scenes.

What about Lia?  Lets see where this will take her?  The mother-daughter team Zaragozas of course are back so lets see what's more in store.  Do we need another new character?  It's a wait and see actually.

But thanks writers, seems the story is really back with the leads. Now we want their roles getting meatier and if possible also lets make sure in what direction the supports are getting.  We actually wanted newer more competent actors in the cast. So let's say the addition of Mark Gil.  We were heard right?

Goodbye unfashionable Lia, hello fashionistang Punong Bantay.  Finally too the old unfashionable Lia will be a thing of the past.  It seems as Angel actually looses weight for the "new role" as Punong Bantay and did she really gain weight to make this sharp contrast? Just an after thought now? hmmm ;) Well it's up to you nicks if you have a word with my after thought :P like could it be? hehe [it's possible coz i know star cinema is fond of dramatic transformation like in magkaribal :) - nicky]

Angel then really earns everything and deserves good writers and directors as well as co-stars.  More veteran actors with her please all the time.  Just give it to Angel and fans who really want only the best of Angel.  Love Angel here so thanks.  We want more :cool:

Cogie as 2nd male lead:  About the second male lead for Angel, just visited the pex and a few there are still rooting for Cogie Domingo.  You know what, the only reason I did root for him too was I saw him with Angel then in Darna and they really do have this strong exciting kind of chemistry which is instant. The way I first saw Angel then with Richard Gutierrez in Mulawin on TV. 

I dunno I think mestizo fair type guys look good with Angel.  Of course, we already know how Cogie never really took his career more seriously. I have to take note also of another suggestion.  Although he looks more mature and sophisticated is Tom Rodriguez since we saw them with Angel's MMK with Jake Cuenca.  The appearance was too short though but can be considered.  Unlike Cogie then, we have to say it's really there and he has a way of looking at Angel so it adds up too.

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