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Imortal: review of episode 73

Review written by: Angeladik

Now we move on to episode 73.  First there's something been noticing with ABS prime time soaps recently.  It can't be helped since we wait for Imortal and we are sometimes able to catch Noah and the more usual Mara Clara and once in a while Kristine.  I dunno but it's becoming noticeable the redundancy of the scenes and the way its been presented.  Sorry I'm so fond of complaining.  I dunno perhaps I like more dynamics in presentation.  After a while, Mara Clara has become a repetition of sorts and this is becoming boring for me.  Now I realize this is the culprit and not because Angel's back in Imortal making for the shift back too of the interest level.  This episode 73 is thus crucial for a viewer like me, and as you know Nicks I speak my mind when I'm not fully satisfied.

While Mateo and Lia are so back in each other's arms, it looks like they're so far away from each other, isn.t it?  and its purposely done too by the writers.  Is this a good thing for later episodes?  Of course, some don't want those overly sweet moments for the Mateo-Lia couple.  Yeah too much of anything is not good.

Hot love scene. I was trying to figure out why it looked to me that the interesting part of episode 72 was only the nice hot scene which thank God they didn't overdo it and went for the more tastefully done but nevertheless still hot scene., referring to their LS (love scene).  Good enough for the loveteam fans of course. I dunno with the other obssessed with both stars sexiness especially Angel Locsin (Lia).  Perhaps some guys wanting more, nope I don't think so.  I still want Angel to keep that certain level of image which is more only what's required of the actress.

Keeping secrets.  Perhaps it's because the writers are actually writing their love story as if they're so far from each other in spite being together. Yet again Mateo seems to like to do things and not telling Lia while Lia always makes it known to Mateo her whereabouts.  This kind of mood where Lia always seems the last to know what's in Mateo's mind is kind of redundant too and everything really looks hard for Lia.  She's always on the sacrificial end of everything.  You feel the kind of ordeal she's been going through.

Perhaps it's the reason why I feel the distance sometimes.  This is a love story so we want to feel the love too. Although again we notice the writers also want to concentrate on Mateo's preoccupation with his own predicament. Not knowing yet if indeed there's truth to what the Vampires keep telling him about who he will become.

Somebody also is out to destroy and kill his love Lia.  His actuation I feel for whatever is required by the director for John Lloyd Cruz (Mateo) to project onscreen, it seems is not too much concern for his love for Lia but more his concern about himself, the way at least I see it.  Aloof? Sometimes that's how I see it?  By any chance do you share the same observation Nicks? Is this also intentional or do we need more passion from JL about his love for Lia also?  Because while Lia looks serious about her love and about everything about her concern for the Lobos and the eventual demand to become a Punong Bantay,it seems the role of Mateo is still neither here or there. [yeah, an indecisive Mateo is becoming old for me and looks boring already ...i guess that's why i don't get any kilig from them anymore ..they look like an old married couple hehe -nicky]

I hope its the role. After all, the Mr Rodriguez of old was an unfeeling executive then. Well, what about the time when Mateo found out about Lia and still accepted her?  He looked more in love during that time.  Have things really changed for Mateo because of his discovery about himself?

Wayas easily duped.  So okay the two characters are actually becoming a complicated set of feelings for both, worse Lia now needs to deal with another problem as if it's not enough the Vampires are on constant attack. Lucille's escape through the kidnapping of a guard's daughter.  I dunno why the writers were trying to make it appear as if the wayas couldn't figure out when it's the daughter of a guard at Lucille's cell kidnapped. Surely they can figure out it could be Lucille, keeping watch over Lucille more. Where's the intelligence there?  It looks like the Vampires are always knowing more and getting the upper hand in terms of strategies or in the case of Lucille's camp.

Well as a fan sometimes it can't be helped when we feel we want to see more of the heroine in Lia and less of being always on the loosing end.  Although they managed to imply Lia was suspecting about the guard's daughter and Clarisse, too slow and Vergara too late as Lucille made her escape.

Comeback of Clarisse.  Since Clarisse just came back, we see less of her fireworks here just a short but felt reunion between mother and daughter.  Of course, the best moments then were the underdog E.A.(executive assistant) and the spoiled Bit** Clarisse.  The tables have been turned so let's see what the next Lia Clarisse-encounters will be.  Well, their encounters before were all entertaining but of course we know they need to top those and not just be another rewind of what's been seen before especially that this time around it's not the same.

Since the writers have no qualms about Clarisse being all out, it's still interesting what they have in store when she meets Lia once again.  Yeah SURPRISES is actually what we want.  Meantime, we want something else also for Mateo and Lia because it's been that Mateo keeps his secrets while Lia tells all to Mateo.  Will they keep up with this?

 Other characters.  About the other characters, the ones we see here aside from Clarisse-Lucille and short ones with Vergara and lady elite force companion, Mateo and Jethro of course the very significant conversation they share.  Mateo is aware and Jethro encouraging him to stay far and away from Lia when he starts to feel that indeed the prophesy will happen and he will eventually kill Lia.

This episode also devotes time for Olive.  Oh I see she was once a Ms. Teen Philippines?  Well she looks tall, sometimes taller than Jethro so that's more reason why they look like an odd couple aside from her looking older too.  When was she a Ms. Teen Philippines, is it some part of the prize she becomes a Starmagic?  Not so familiar with her and looks wise I really thought she looks older and not one of those young recruit talents of ABS like Lauren Young in Lobo, so we were expecting a younger looking actress for this role.  It's actually a meaty role here but her portrayal is so amateurish and TH I dunno and this role is better for a real young actress because she's really awkward pretending to be a teen and looking much older.  [i guess we can give an allowance since she's still new hehe ..perhaps she'll undergo more workshop if she doesn't improve -nicky]

I dunno why I don't like certain characters.  This carpenter guy at Dara's, not liking him too.  You think it's bothersome Nicks I'm not liking too many characters here when i didn't have much of that with Lobo?  Well, I actually found Nessa or Agot Isidro tiring to watch and her dramas but once Elle of Pilar Pilapil entered the picture we actually enjoyed all Lyka-Lady Elle scenes.

I dunno we really preferred more of those in the Lobo cast although the likes of Nina Dolino (Clarisse) in particular we were easily interested.  We still want more for John Lloyd because we know there's more in store for him and Angel yet so we need to see them all the time in those "surprise" us scenes.

Variety needed and less melodrama. The emotions of Lia here is written all over.  She's at a stage of her life she needs to choose and now the lobos want her to be the Punong Bantay while she still doesn't know how long she is able to protect Mateo's secret from the lobos who now want her to be their leader.

Yeah you have a point.  It's becoming too heavy for viewers while Angel is on target showing us her ordeal, it's not exactly for viewing pleasure seeing just all difficult emotions.  It can be too much to just watch a troubled person.  Thus we want those Angel action moves and it better be nice choreography.

In the same manner, we don't want Mateo always in that difficult troubled look all the time.  Even after the LS, he's looking like that because of his worries.  Too much worries enough for the real lives of viewers.  We want some variety but not dismissing those difficult emotions our two lovers are both facing.

As the story moves, we hope to see that variety, suspense drama and love story unfolds with some action moves too. Let's see how the writers incorporate the good story telling and balance the variety

Angel as fashionista. I actually like it when Angel plays fashionista characters.  She has done it before even at GMA although that was earlier in her career.  Later they pretty much made her the usual poor girl heroine since their belief perhaps it's more appealing to the masses?  But the fashionista is more akin to Angel too when she plays the young neophyte type also.  Although she was younger then, Angel shows a lot of variety so she still has this youthful vibe going for her even now.

Next episode.  The teasers we'll be looking forward too.  Mateo saves Olive from Magnus, how does he do it considering he's not yet supposed to be fully transformed and powerful?  That's the reason a younger more cute looking young actress would be believable to save.  Not this tall Olive Oil type who has this irritating voice and TH manner of speaking.  A young competent actress from ABS-CBN, the real young talents they I have I mean.  If I look at it, this Olive actress looks too big to be saved, nothing fragile looking about her and besides JL doesn't look all buff to save this big supposedly teen unlike saving a young looking Lauren Young then.  Should I be sorry for forever disparaging co-stars?  [perhaps Olive will turn vampire in later episodes to give Jethro a dilemma ..she can look fierce I think :) - nicky]

Then finally Lia under the shadow of keeping Mateo's secret is not exactly happy to become the Punong Bantay and that's exactly why.  Not to mention the added pressure knowing Lucille's escape and what this means because of her 'secret", the next "traitor" as Lucille has conveniently branded her mother before for her own selfish reasons blaming Lyka too of her husband's death.  Now this is what's facing Lia as Lucille and Clarisse are back making life harder than it already is.

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