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Imortal: review of episode 45

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 45, last few Mateo-Lia sweet moments as Lia after discovering from her web mail that Abraham and Nanay Tabs were held captives by Lucille decides she has to return to face their captors as she's the one they're really after.

But Mateo has other ideas when he and Lia make their return, to contact Sam and endorse Lia's safety to her thinking she's not under scrutiny by the Wayas.  Sometimes I wonder here because if you look at the script, it's not as if Mateo really knows her that well, and her mysterious ways is such an easy give away.  So what if they share those same half-Vampire like coming of age symptoms which frankly for Mateo they conveniently set aside. [perhaps they'll mysteriously have that illness come back when they decide it's time for Mateo's full transformation into Vampire lol -nicky ]

We know how initially Mateo felt suspicious of Sam but they conveniently showed us that because of those symptoms he felt this kinship with Sam which later developed into "friendship" for Mateo and for Sam into "deeper romantic feelings" for Mateo.  It seems like just as Lia taught Mateo about being in love, he being naturally drawn to her as the the case of Mateo and Sam.  Mateo needed Sam to understand those symptoms which Sam conveniently used to play her "game", much like Clarisse wanting Mateo for herself, only her baiting style is more cunning and sly unlike the extremely bratty Clarisse.

True to naive form, Lia just follows Mateo's wishes to get Sam to know their plans and be part of the inner circle, which really the way Sam operates I wouldn't even entrust my secrets to her.  Does she have this sort of hypnotic effect and why do I have this feeling Lobos are supposed to know the "smell" of a vampire particularly BFF Miriam who's unlike Lia who just transformed recently.  Okay, Sam's using that concealant perfume again? so she's not detected? but how about her actuation? she really acts very suspiciously for comfort if you ask me :aggrieved:

At the Waya Council, Lucille is again making it appear Lia, Abraham and Nanay Tabs are all traitors although there are dissenting thinkers there.  Still Lucille will have her way and has hatched already a plan to get rid of them, Lia and Abraham all of them.

Lia and Sam meet up for the first time as we find Sam joining the group and finally meeting Lia and knowing straight away from BFF Miriam she's Lyka's daughter.  For me that was too careless for a BFF.  She really had to give away everything so easily to a person she hardly knows???  Writers??  why do you really make it look so stupid? can't they write something where Sam finds out but not that way?

The scorn of a jealous woman making her hate more the "itnakdang Lobo".  Sam wouldn't oblige Lia to a handshake that puts her in a compromising situation.  She's too smart for that where the rest of them including Mateo's clueless.  She wouldn't want to check out if she gets burned but soon in their fight scene.

Next episode.  Sam will find out she's not the itinakdang vampira after all as she gets burned by Lia in that confrontation.  So Lia's the confirmed itinakdang lobo and only Sam knows this to tell the other vampires and the unknowing Lia, Mateo and all where she's making her moves too with Mateo.   By the way, these are the teasers since the Lia-Sam didn't happen this week.  For this episode, it was just their first formal introduction from Mateo.  I meant the Lia-Sam fight scene which again on Sam's favor since she's conveniently covered Ninja wear style yet again so she keeps her identity.  While working her way with Mateo under Lia's nose, there's that attempted Kiss.

For the teasers we see Sam and Lia in that fight scene.  I hope we get good shots from Angel since based on the teasers we see yet again why she really has the action heroine moves no question about that.  She engages the Ninja covered Sam in an exciting battle and you know Angel's made to do all the hard work action wise since she's not covered, so it's her doing most of her stunts.  Hopefully, it's just the fair treatment we want for Angel.

Character development and story plot.  I dunno I think writers here are not into details much, much like the huge leap in transforming Mateo's character.  Suddenly he cracks jokes routinely which remember up until the comfy sofa scene he was just romantic there.  Suddenly he is a cracker of a joker.  Okay Pinoy fans just love watching the rom-com genre so it won't harm if suddenly Mateo's character seems straight out from his rom-com movies?  Okay so we all enjoyed them no question but I think it went off character.  [i forgot who is the supposed head writer of Imortal since apart from character's inconsistencies or abrupt change of personality, contrived scenes too is starting to get plenty -nicky]

Serious naive Lia really changed him that much to the point of learning to trust Sam where before we knew how much he didn't trust Sam.  It's as if the many years he was trained by Simon to be guarded with people he suddenly forgot about.  Okay around Lia he does seem to forget because he's in love but with Sam unless he's subconsciously attracted as well to her whereas before he avoided these feelings.   With Lia's help suddenly he's been less guarded and actually a willing learning to be a Playboy?

Getting to be interested in Sam, started with those similar symptoms and we know how Sam used this to get him to be closer to her. On the other hand, Mateo found out things about Sam having this kinship now, that he too had, like him being reared to be unfeeling, she too having this sort of upbringing from Magnus, suddenly Mateo thinks he can also teach her to explore her feelings.

But this only nurtures more Sam's "hidden desire" for Mateo hehe and this turns to jealousy for the woman Mateo chooses to love, having Clarisse feelings too but knowing how to play it smart with her Vampire cunning ways.

So all this actually exposes Lia to more danger, the exact opposite of what Mateo wanted.  He's not really careful if you ask me.  We remember him being trained to be independent.  Sure re his symptoms he would ask Sam but with Lia's concerns? and why do we see BFF Miriam to trust Sam right away just because Sam's supposed to be Mateo's "friend."  [i wonder here why Mateo did not call the tomahawk stalker since waya doesn't know about them too ...logic be damn just to get sam meets lia -nicky]

Whereas Sam seems to "know" everything, Mateo and Miriam seems to be the opposite. Okay, so Lia's made to be so naive although I would contest this since lately she's been getting training from Abraham, did they omit intelligence training?  These are the kinds of questions you often find yourself asking when watching Pinoy soaps.  They don't give much thought to sense, just make things convenient.

Viewers as critical thinker.  Perhaps it's the state of mentality we have.  Remember the country has reached this sort of state where people are systematically brainwashed successfully because Pinoys are "less into analytical thinking?" sometimes it's actually simple thinking but ages of brainwashing have really made Pinoys passive. [perhaps it's the writers who assume their viewers are non critical thinker and it's an insult to viewers' intelligence if you ask me - nicky]

Pinoy soaps do this so automatically and systematically you'd think Pinoys are a less thinking people, the dragging disorganized soaps to the more compact plot driven direction we see from Koreanovelas and why they are more successful than us.

Okay the tension is there but for me the mere fact that it's not as respectful that viewers are also thinkers, somehow for me it looses the impact.  But anyway, made a survey among other Pinoys including the lower social classes, some agree they also detect the lapses but as passive as Pinoys have become they say it's okay because they think the story has picked up anyway.

ABS-CBN not taking good care of Angel in Imortal.  I just noticed in the scenes where Mateo, Lia, Sam and BFF Miriam who previously has been fashionista.  It's strange why Sam is all made up as if going to some party when she joins the group ;)   This time all the rest are in rugged wear.

You can almost say Sam where are you going?  Yeah we know she's always fully made up and being fashionista but the red dress to pick up in hiding people kinda making yourself too conspicuous if you ask me.

So okay they really have to make her look uber gorgeous to contrast Lia's simple almost no make up style hehe to set the tone for the competition for Mateo (of course we know Angel Locsin gets away wearing simple clothes and little or no makeup as she's way prettier than the other ladies here. Too much confidence to the point she's made to wear those unflattering tight fitting jeans) too conspired if you ask me :P

Of course, we remember them doing that too in Lia's scenes with Clarisse but with her she's still wearing those office clothes.  Here they really made her not only wear those unflattering jeans and she actually looks bigger here compared to earlier shots too, while BFF Miriam suddenly becomes so rugged looking too...hehe beefing up Maricar Reyes there I guess. [isn't it stereotyping that simply because Lia came from the province she has to look like a barrio lass but she stayed there for only a few days and even people from provinces are also fashionistas actually especially the younger crowd like lia ...mateo's shirt looks better than lia's outfit by the way -nicky]

Sometimes I have this feeling they're uber promoting Maricar here and even with Nina Dolino who's almost made to be such a scene stealer acting wise, it seems it's all meant to make less of Angel? conspiracy theory there?

I dunno as a fan you tend to be watchful what ABS-CBN is doing to Angel right?  Those noticeable shots of body part flaws from previous episodes.  Or it can have the underdog effect too? since we know the subtle acting of Angel here is engaging and even in simple clothes and gain weight and all, she's still the prettiest girl in the series, no thanks to unflattering shots and clothes. [message to stylist: isn't from Lia's transformation into Lobo should be the start to make her start dressing smarter? she should be a sharp dresser from then on ..Lia can still wear simple outfit but make it a bit fashionable, not sloppy -nicky]

Remember these are just supports not exactly considered important stars at ABS, not the usual young stars Angel's being pitted against.  Anyway, whatever the purpose of ABS-CBN but if that's to make it glaringly noticeable that Angel's lost touch?

If you watch the other present ABS-CBN soaps I sometimes feel the plots too are more compact because sometimes I need to watch them before Imortal.  The supports there too have big time veterans like Gina Pareno for Mara Clara and there's Cherry Pie Picache for Noah and Joem Basco doing very well the anti hero role.

I dunno and all this talk about high ratings for Imortal.  Well, we believe them but when a lot of viewers really watch please make an effort too to make the female lead look good.  That's where my mom's lines come in, ABS-CBN not really taking care of Angel.

So okay my whining is well known by now to those who read me but I will go on.  Even Angel just has an old looking Rico Blanco as other leading man where even if presented in the most fashionista clothes and making Angel look bad in their scenes together.  Still can't forget what Angel was made to wear in that forgettable scene where RB was fashionista and all and Angel was wearing rag home wear.  How can I forget the unfair treatment for Angel, yeah fans know when they see it.

Angel and JL loveteam not encouraged to be popular.  Let's see if the writers will make John Lloyd Cruz look bad or rather if they [Sam and Mateo] develop an actual romantic angle there.  Then we know JL was partnered with Angel alright but no, there's not any intention to make them a popular loveteam.   Proof would have to be their "off screen" publicities which you know by now Nicks are purposeful and you know the things I believe in and don't by now too .

In fact, if they make Lia wear those uber probinsyana look for the most part here in stark contrast to the uber party girl fashions of Sam, then it's confirmed they dont want a JL-Angel loveteam developing and Imortal was made to expose JL to this genre to see if he fits in.  While JL is a good actor sometimes you feel the action suspense genre is not exactly his comfort zone yet mainly because he doesn't look and action moves wise is not exactly a fit.

Fair treatment needed.  There are even talks the movie Huling Sayaw is postponed because of a little bit more of weight gain for both Aga Muhlach and Angel?   To begin with, I think giving Angel this everyday schedule of shooting both movie and TV series at the same time.  I dunno because we know Angel doesn't seek the wonders of science help when loosing weight so it takes a while.  Or is it just an excuse to postpone Angel's second movie at ABS-CBN I dunno.

We believe those financiers are pouring their capitals on their kids more and just using Angel to beef up future leading men for that daughter.  All the more reason we like Angel to give up her comfort zone and regular job at just pleasing her bosses and unmindful of her own career. S ure we know she's uber well paid for all this by these people but really she's a real talent just to be used to up the lot of their kids.

Sometimes we really hope Angel would really consider her chances at an international career because really local showbizdom is so political and those who have the money and influence dictate everything.  Angel's a real talent and star, has all the makings of an uber superstar that's the reason they keep on putting her career on hold and she's just given work mostly to exploit only her talents and services to give add that spice.

Angel and other talents like her are in fact routinely used to up mostly leading men so eventually they can pair with the daughter...oh the trend is too obvious not to notice...Angel paves the way for her eventual pairing with those leading men...tell me you dont know who I'm referring to and you still dont know me nicks ;) :P [yeah the princess hehe - nicky]

So okay, let's just hope things pick up for Angel in Imortal and enough of this conspiracy for now. Just give us viewers what we want.  To add, sometimes these conspiring intentions are backfiring on them because if you notice daughter's still finding her niche and in spite uber build up she's far from being a real star.  Yeah lack of talent and these motives sometimes gives a bad taste also even for passive viewers, uber promotions can backfire actually [i guess they wonder if the machinery worked for the mum why not working for the daughter -nicky]

Even passive viewers don't feel it when the uber promotions of the family become too obvious and self selling for comfort.  Well, don't tell them I didn't tell you.  For instance, what makes the present presidential sister more successful at self selling.  Of course, it helps if you have Tita Cory as mom as they say won't elaborate on that deal, their family striked with them.  For the daughter, what really went wrong because compared to her harder to sell cousins she has more looks while they can just console themselves with having the money and influence to have those publicities.

Well good luck because we know JL is another likely candidate for her next leading man and for us rooting for Angel.  Well, if Angel were a guy surely she would be given more importance because Angel would then be paired with her :D  but since Angel's a gal and in direct competition then we know the only way for fans to see more of Angel rise is if she really gives herself that chance to go international unless Angel has a contract with them.  Oh well, then we will see more of this treatment of Angel I guess :tired: 

What's a fan to do Nicks? I ask you?  We are here to do what we can for Angel but when she's cooperating and works for them? Rest my case, we still can hope can we. fans forever.  [sadness, i'm still waiting for angel to get paired with sam milby to be helmed by cga - nicky]

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