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Imortal: review of episode 44

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 44.  We can't just get enough of all those Mateo and Lia moments can't we?  After making us wait like this long, it's not really hard to figure out why we gals in particular still want more of this sweet moments between the two and even our indoctrinated guys here are excited about all those sweet scenes hehe.   Everyone's full of smiles around here I dunno your feedback over there.  So we find Mateo and Lia happily sharing the bed but yeah kids can watch this one and everyone likes it here so at least you writers finally doing viewers' choice a favor. [the bed and breakfast scenes like jethro's blog reminded me again of kim hyun joong's 2nd drama, "playful kiss" ..i wonder if the writers get to watch it hehe -nicky]

Meantime, let's get to know the new character, what's her name again?  Yeah talking about her love to Sam and Magnus, actually being one of them.  Of course, he needed her help perhaps because Sam needed a mother figure? or he can't seem to know how to handle those daughter concerns that only a mother knows how to.

Meantime too, we have Abraham and Nanay Tabs captive to force Lia to surrender or show up.  This time we know the characters have really settled down especially on the part of Vivian Velez who's doing her Lucille a big turnaround from where she initially started, getting better now.  So it's a relief since we needed those veterans for the show too.

hehe Clarisse getting her break time as it's Lucille and Sam getting their turn this time as main antagonists with the new character.  Let's see how her presence spices up the series from just Magnus and Tom to share those Vampire scenes, now we get a different take.

We see a lot of scenes now for Sam as clearly her role becomes more significant this time as Lia's other main antagonist, the tone will be set for that.  While as before she did scenes but somehow I just couldn't get much of those especially when lengthy because it had nothing much to do with direct contact with Lia. Okay, that's the Angel Locsin's fan in me, characters are more interesting when in direct contact with Angel.

There's that scene where she was sleuthing around again getting information from Dara and niece, getting to know more about Lia and telling the two, who are excited about Mateo and Lia together, that Lia's not good for Mateo.  Oh now she's become sort of another Clarisse.  Actually both have this snobbish similarity about them, Sam and Clarisse, although all out brat Clarisse is way all out hyper mode.

Meanwhile BFF Miriam tries to contact Lia through the net to tell her what happened to her dad and Nanay Tabs, telling Lia not to show up but when Lia's finally able to check out her web messages she feels the need to do the opposite and eventually decides to return home.  Of course Mateo doesn't approve of this but Lia's determined so he has no choice but to support her decision.

Next episode. That's the teasers there, Mateo and Lia return and are spotted at a Cubao terminal by Lucille's people. From a previous teaser we know she'll be presented at the Waya Council to answer "charges."  Lucille having this conversations with Clarisse, yup getting better now, and with Albert making plans.

It's unfortunate that most of them including Mateo and even BFF Miriam don't know Sam is a vampire and she's able to be with all of them getting infoormation anytime about Lia who she now hates more knowing she's not only the "itinakdang" lobo but also Mateo's love.  Mateo even endorses Lia's safety to Sam and she took it as an opportune time to attack Lia and that's the last frame, nice one Angel in those contacts, very beautiful there in the last frame.

Oh before I forget we had one scene here for Lucas and Simon just to remind us they're still part of the series and Simon still looking for Mateo while Lucas is insistently presenting himself all of a sudden to his father.  Yeah kinda late for a lazy bum thinking he can still be responsible but really all he does is go against Mateo because of Lia.  That's all there is to his actions, plain selfish.  Suddenly he wants to prove his worth and does everything to discredit Mateo just because Lia chose him over you.  Well, from the start even without Mateo you're just like an older brother that's all there really was.

More endearing scenes for Mateo and Lia.  We really like that one when Mateo fixes Lia's cap, concern there and Lia looking so pretty :D


Koreanovelas.   The thing about Koreanovelas yeah, but in those countries it's all really purposeful and systematic and they know exactly like a well studied project, they have their objectives clearly set out.  So we know why they've really made those strides in exporting their productions.  Although with TFC and so many overseas Pinoys and mixed marriages between us and foreigners, kinda we've exported ours also and pretty much doing well but its not yet their focus I guess to go mainstream international.

We pretty much do it the way we know how even if in Imortal there are so many attempts at just copying scenes. Still its the plot developments I'm concerned here.  Sometimes and even for episode 43 we get a lot of those quotable liners which really helps establish more the charm of the characters but really both Angel and John Lloyd are such naturally charming actors.  JL has been given so many opportunities to showcase this in the projects he gets from ABS.

Angel's talent underutilized.   We know Angel's projects at ABS-CBN has come in trickles so when we see the writers give Angel scenes where you know the writers made that effort to come up with those quotable liners, it gives you that feeling of oh at last they're giving some to Angel because we know the extent of Angel's natural charm as an actress and quite frankly real watchers know its mostly been underutilized.

Perhaps one of many reasons why we want Angel to get an acting break abroad because it's clear Angel's not exactly on the top priority list.  What we understand is she's still given these projects once in a while because one, Angel brings another dimension and variety whenever she's made to pair with a new leading man.

Angel's unique among our young actresses by virtue of her versatiliity at doing mostly all genres.  She can fit in and it's a matter of giving her the right script that can bring out the best of her.  Angel's a charming actress too who has really continued improving her craft and I know what else she's capable of if she continues improving.  It's already there.

Angel being able to fit into any role and get into many different types of moods you know she's that type of actress who can be as diverse and versatile but at the same time she's this kind of charming popular actress people would automatically love and adore, not because I'm a fan.  That's why I keep on saying her full potential has been mostly underutilized because of projects that come far apart for our local standards.

You just know that eventually when Angel gets it all right what she's capable of because she's not just a good actress, she brings this kind of charm that people that draws people to her.  Only because it's been underutilized it's mostly there are those who've discovered her late because her projects are not that often many times lacking the usual promotions other ABS-CBN projects get.

The rise to stardom.  Maybe it's my mom who's the real addict when it comes to local soaps to thank for because even as a newbie actress, she already cited Angel when I didn't even hear anything about her, have to forgive me for not being too familiar with GMA talents then.  If my memory serves me right, they were promoting Mulawin that time so mom would check out some koreanovelas at GMA and then started watching Angel and Mulawin and that's how it all started.  Every time Angel's on TV, then mom would surely be watching.

Around that time I was still busy with school so I didn't watch as much as she did and my fanship was not much yet because I was more into school not watching TV hehe like a good student of course ;)  but I would of course always hear classmates and everybody else fall in love with Alwina so that was a fact.

You know most people watch ABS-CBN but slowly but surely Angel was drawing attention away from ABS-CBN talents because she's just so different from most of the young talents they regularly churn out, like a new darling and popular with young fans and old alike, including a lot of guys too.  That was unique for a matinee idol young actress.

Even now that we hear comments from guys old fans that Angel's put on that weight, I guess they still adore her it won't fade anymore.  So we just need real good scripts for Angel and well developed plots and they will continue to watch Angel like the gal fans would always do.

Even for episodes like these 43 and 44, usually it's kinda cheesy but I still think they've executed the light scenes well that guy fans are still watching of course with us gals.  Yeah 'cmon catching Angel is still an addicting habit esecially its free TV anyway and the gals want to watch, they can always give in right? hehe. well they've got no choice anyway.  Well, the guys here at least have all been indoctrinated although they want some action too from Angel. Well. there's another one coming based on the teasers when Sam and Lia finally meet and match up.

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