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Imortal: review of episode 42

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 42...Lia wasn't able to tell Mateo about her being a Lobo.  Instead, she would tell him they meet later in the woods, she has something important to tell him.

In the meantime, after those careless friends of Dara got bugged by Albert's men, Lucille orders them to get Lia and dispose Mateo if necessary since he's not of any use anymore which Clarisse overhears and follows them.  Clarisse had every intention of saving Mateo from Lucille's get rid of him orders, while Sam who's been looking out for Mateo also and finds out by "hypnotizing" Dara follows Albert's men sensing the danger they present to Mateo.

Sam isn't able to follow Albert since instead of getting rid of them she's hit by a Vampire silver bullet although she's able to remove it later and heal.  As Magnus, same old scene where he overhears Sam overly concerned about Mateo, that's when he contacts somebody to take care of this problem of his ward into this Mateo obsession.

So while Albert and his men are stalled by Sam, it's Clarisse who was following them getting the instructions from Albert to take over, with him not having any choice having to deal with Sam first.  Mateo and Lia were supposed to meet up at the woods but instead, it's Clarisse Mateo finds there acting up again bratty and all pleading Mateo to go with her and leave Lia since Albert's men are after his head.

As expected, Mateo only makes Clarisse angry so finally she decides that if she doesn't have him then no one else will and proceeds to transform and gets a piece of Mateo's neck about to kill him.  This time Clarisse tells Mateo, he might as well see who she really is before he goes, and transforms right in front of him.  That's when Lia finds Mateo and at that point Mateo's more concerned about the danger Lia might be in until he sees her run to save him and then transforms also to free Mateo from the lobo form Clarisse.

Mateo just looked in awe there as running Lia from human form leaps and transforms into lobo form also to battle the lobo form Clarisse.  We see Lia lobo form bitten at the arm but mostly Clarisse turns out more beaten to the still newbie at fighting as a lobo Lia, turns out she's stronger already.

Meanwhile, Mateo is just watching the two battling lobos looking wide eyed at what he's witnessing until Clarisse gets beaten and transforms back to human form.  Lia meanwhile tired from the battle lies back and then transforms back to human form.   At this point, Mateo's first instinct was to run away but then later decides to come back for Lia, maybe thinking she might be harmed if he just leaves them both as Clarisse will get back at Lia for sure.

He proceeds to remove his jacket to cover the naked body of a transformed back to human form Lia still looking hard to believe at what he saw and a bit hesitant but the concern for her safety finally overcomes whatever negative feelings.  [so that's the reason why Mateo suddenly has to wear jacket out of the blue while Dara's relative and Lia are in shirts ...this kind of contrived scene sometimes lessen out the fun for me hehe -nicky]

Mateo brings Lia back to the house and when she wakes up finds him a bit distant to her, which of course hurts her and you can see the pain there.  They flee as per revelation of Lia that Lucille's men are already looking for them, so off they move on and when finally Albert and men arrive as Clarisse wakes up, the two have left already although they were able to catch up with Albert and men but they missed the two.

Mateo and Lia are together but with the cold treatment from Mateo.  They are so distant and we could feel the pain of Lia.   Riding a jeep to get to a temporary hiding place, a house for rent, there Lia finally's able to open up about the lobos as not halimaws but just like people there are good ones and bad ones. But I think it was a mistake for her to tell Mateo as she almost killing him at the Bright Lives Foundation since she actually tried to save him from his Vampire attackers but tell that to Pinoy scriptwriters.  So that's how the episode ends and lets see what's Mateo's reaction to all Lia told him.  This time she's the one pleading for his understanding, poor Lia we can really feel for her. 

Next episode.  So moving on to teasers. hehe ok I had to review the teasers, too fast.  Lucille orders the capture of Lia, Miriam holding an eavesdropping Sam by the neck, Magnus discovering Sam talking over the phone overly concerned for Mateo and the new character I guess, but the heart wrenching scene is when Mateo runs away from their rented house and Lia's crying.  [the new character might be Francine Prieto? -nicky]

There's a scene too I think Lia's in front of Clarisse or is Lucille there too being interrogated? by the Waya Council? she surrendered herself? 

About Mateo leaving Lia, not too sure about this because if my memory serves me right, Lia in that lavender shirt I think they had some KS there?  Based on SNN that is, re the lavander shirt Lia's wearing.   Not sure but the running away, I think Mateo would later return and see Lia crying and perhaps they'll make up. I dunno because from previous teasers at the start of the week looks like they reconciled but have to be separated for awhile he even fixed Lia's hair there she's wearing this hat.  Well I guess this one's showing this week. [i believe that too angeladik, they will kiss and make up there since that's the same house and outfit where the uber passionate kissing scene, which was shown in e-live when they promoted the show before the pilot telecast, will happen ...check out the house and their outfits here and here for bts photos released prior to pilot telecast ...looks like Imortal hass still over two months shooting time ahead -nicky]

Thoughts.  Okay before I go on with some of my complaints, a good dramatic scene for Mateo-Lia is their confrontation at the rented house.  Lia's pleading for understanding and a cold and distant Mateo. The one I didn't like there is why the writers had to make Lia say she actually attacked Mateo at the Bright Lives when she actually protected him from his Vampire attackers.  Sometimes our writers can't just make sense I dunno, better have an explanation for Lia there or else.

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