Sunday, October 3, 2010

Angel Locsin Promotes Imortal in E-live

Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz promote their much anticipated TV series, Imortal, in E-live yesterday.  Earlier that day, they were seen in Showtime and "Pilipinas Win na Win" with other members of the cast. Watch out for them later today in ASAP and "The Buzz".

Imortal premieres in kapamilya primetime bida on Monday, 4th of October, after Noah.

It was fun watching Angel and John Lloyd in E-live particularly when a video clip of them kissing intensely was shown.  Check out how Ogie Diaz, new co-host, needled Luiz Manzano about that scene.   Luis, E-live co-host, is the former boyfriend of Angel and exclusively dating her again.

For those who missed this episode in E-live, watch the video here.  Credit to ocyrnets ...

Angel looked gorgeous in these videos.  Check out the rest of the post for other screencaps.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I want to watch clips about Angel Locsin Promotes Imortal in E-live, but it isn't available anymore. Could you reupload it, please? I'm really love and want to watch it :(.

Thank you!!!

Matheresa Ariate said...

Yes pls...i really want to watch this interview..and id do still have a video with angel and lloydie singing on asap with the song "pagkakataon" tnx po.