Saturday, November 13, 2010

Untold Stories of Imortal

The hidden chapters of Imortal, "Anino't Panaginip", has now been unlocked with release of the 1st webisode, Maestro, at the official website of Imortal.  Click here to visit the site.

Expect 30 webisodes from this site per info I've heard. This is not confirm so take this spoiler with a grain of salt ...some netizens talked about "Magnus and Dr. Rizal (played by Ping Medina)" in webisode 5 where Magnus offered Dr. Rizal to become Imortal prior to latter's execution and "Tom" in  webisode 4 who was about to get married, which I suppose we will get to see his transformation into vampire.  

Back to webisode 1, this is similar to the "Taguan" entry at Jethro's blog.  I wonder if the next webisode will again have a reference to Jethro's blog.

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