Friday, November 12, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 29

Review written by: Angeladik

Like you I have my off days.  I need my sleep too but Nicks I was of course wide awake for episode 29 because it's another Mateo-Lia highlight this time being in love and yeah I love how they fixed Angel for the Anniversary Party scenes.

A visit to the cemetery.  Lia almost seems to be telling Lyka she needs to avoid Mateo to exonerate her mom from those false accusations about her mom

The first scene would be to finish Mateo and Lucas who challenged Mateo to a brawl and Mateo refusing it.  More Mateo-Lucas dramatic scenes which I have to say it again and again, Rico Blanco (Lucas) doesn't have the looks for it.  Nope I am not even slightly being bias here.  I now recall this guy might have actual connections but sometimes c'mon we have to realize when we're good enough and look the part at the same time.

I meant not really good enough to fill the 2nd lead shoes.  It's becoming a futile attempt to convince us he can be and more so when Angel looks so fresh and beautiful and perfect in the Anniversary party. RB all the more looks so old especially in dramatic scenes without his smile.

It's good they didn't even show Lia and Lucas together in any scene at the anniversary party.  Now I realize why perhaps Angel needed to wear those unflattering clothes.  Remember that "scene" Lia and Lucas had, while RB was all dressed up, Angel was made to wear that loose shirt shorts combo possibly the worst shirt shorts choice here because with BFF she gets to wear the better shorts shirt combo.  Perhaps to make Angel and RB look more compatible.  Angel needed to be at her worse there. [hmm, sacrificing the overall quality of the drama just for an actor wannabe that doesn't deserve the 2nd male lead ...that's epic fail -nicky]

Okay so they made up for it in this episode with RB conveniently not around when Angel's made to look her best and when Angel's looking her best, no one sure comes near.  While most scenes including the last episode Mateo and Lia looked so cute together, here in their last scene under the bright full moon I can't help but think Angel looks so beautiful so perfect every angle.  I guess especially the closeups from her fine features to the perfect shape of her face and beautiful expressive eyes.  This is probably the most memorable for this episode.  How beautiful Angel really is if only more attention is given to her hehe.

Imagine back to back they showed the Mateo Lia under the full moon romantic scene like two young kids being in love you know the reminiscing part too of their early childhood having been together then with Clarisse once more in an argument with mom Lucille, no letups for her.

They now complement each other and Vivian Velez' (Lucille) back I guess. Actually I am not familiar with any previous work but the latest episodes she's much better. (saw an article in PEP mentioning that Vivian Velez won a couple of best actress awards before -nicky)

Imagine that scene too at the party where Simon had to insult Lia in front of everybody and Mateo was there for her that made Clarisse furious and crazy like a mad Lobo.

Oh and before that, looks like Mateo's secretary prefers Mateo for Lia to Lucas for Lia.

This is a romantic episode and what a relief we didn't actually have to see the Vampire ensemble here...thanks

Next episode.  Now the teaser is about Lia getting into another mess after the party when Mateo walked out and chose Lia instead.  I think Clarisse ordered some of her bodyguards to pick up Lia and harm her.  That's when Lia looks like ready to transform and more action spinning moves from Lia back in training and this time looking way better and faster and tougher than previously. [so excited for the fierce Lia ..aja aja fighting hehe -nicky]

After everybody was just so excited about the kilig scene and beautiful Angel, the action scene teaser made our energy levels beat faster as everyone watching cheered Angel on.  Despite of the parts for RB, it ended with more Mateo and a super beautiful Lia.

I'm excited about tomorrow's kinda contradicting teaser because Mateo is suddenly engaged to Clarisse? after he just made sure his love relationship with Lia is up another level higher.

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