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Imortal: review of episode 15

Review written by: Angeladik

Here we go with episode 15, which is still a continuation of Knowing All About Mateo ...

As Mateo pursues the Sam trail, it only alarms the Vampire crew so now Mateo's actually in danger.  Lia pursues Cafe Verano to find out more about Jethro who hangs out there. Yup, saw the teaser and Jethro is the teenstar Dino Imperial so lets see how he fares here and how Angel's scenes turn out with the teen actor or he's in his early 20s by now?

More Sam-Tom scenes and a Vampire finding out it's possible Mateo might be the "tinakda" instead of Sam.  A lot of dark, haunted scenes for Maricar who's really cut out for this role.  She's insecure about not only the daughter of Lyka who she has yet to meet and now another threat Mateo.

Actually I prefer the Lia-Mateo dynamics even if on the outside Mateo looks not so nice to Lia but actually it's so obvious he actually likes her.  Okay, they just look more cute and yeah, I can't wait when Luis Manzano gets his turn too...cute and Angel is so good at this.

This time it's Maricar getting her turn at the drama while the forever spoiled obsessive daughter has her eyes only for Mateo.  Well, lighter scenes for them and another encounter with Lia.  I was referring to Nina who in spite her less glam and more of caricaturish role actually is a smoothie in spite that.  Maricar gets one glammed up role here and its been on target once more for this episode.

For the part of Angel Locsin, JLC and RB they do the kilig routine for the show for this episode. More tension once again and so far the writers have come up with new scenes for them all the time.  Well, it's not that difficult when you have Angel and JLC here as the loveteam object in spite the little cute disagreements.   They never fail to be charming together and cute too.  Something both are adept at doing as matinee idols and not only good actors both. 

The story flow is well thought of as engaging as the characters so it's no wonder many are really into Imortal.  If the writers can keep up with the pace and more so lately, it's becoming really interesting how things unfold here for the events and characters.

We always like it when Mateo shows concern and Lia in turn does the same.  Their lives are so intertwined, we want to be sure everything hopefully is alright for these two in spite those little arguments they always have which are cute anyway :P

Better believe it, with more encounters you'd think yet another of those arguments but somehow the writers has made it possible for these scenes to actually grow on you because they intersperse it later with after Mateo says Lia can't be trusted to I'll bring her home - always contradicting himself really :biggrin:  While with RB I dunno he looks like just like Angel's kuya here.  But hey as long as he's nice, no harm done to RB's so far "nice" role.

Next Episode.  The next episode will spell danger as one of Sam's Vampire henchmen, who will try to do harm to Mateo and Lia, is there too. I'm wondering they can't distinguish her from Lyka who looks just like her?

Lia is back sleuthing around Cafe Verano and finally finding Jethro and looks like she's meant to save Mateo once again this time from the hands of her "tinakda" enemy Sam.

Rico Blanco as Rival:  I dunno in spite all efforts to make RB the most likeable guy in the series, he doesn't have the come on looks to go with it.  Sorry, he just looks like an older Kuya guiding Miss E.A. N.B.S.B. Lia how it is to have a first time suitor and it's Angel I find cute but not in particularly the looks of RB...I can't really catch on.

Nevertheless, Lia or Angel really is so cute hehe learning new things well at least it might lessen the impact of Mateo's Style.  But in spite of the baddie character assigned to JLC there's no doubt RB can't match his youth which in kilig terms is more effective with Angel.  Evident once more for the 15th Friday episode as Mateo suggests he can drive Lia home when Lucas' friends arrived for some birthday bashing and Lia excused herself to go home.  JLC and Angel spell cuteness and kilig while RB and Angel look more like younger sis/older bro.

New time slot for Imortal.  Happy week-end and what do you guys think about moving the Imortal timeslot? Oh well guess I have to wait longer now to watch.

My problem is I can tolerate watching Noah but watching Mara Clara, I dunno this type of stereotyped Pinoy old fashioned drama is so 90s.  I dunno if young viewers will go for this stuff in spite the young cast.

Nope, I don't go for the stereotyped old fashioned Pinoy dramas.  Usually, I rest up a bit since we're so busy we do this to avoid dosing off but now afraid I might fall asleep if the waiting is longer.  Well, we need to find a way since it happened once already and I hate missing another episode even if I can catch up since a certain blog usually has it right away. [Imortal blog TV right? - nicky]

There's a big difference for me because I don't only follow the story.  The main reason for watching is still Angel and she's better seen on our wide screen TV compared to the net streaming.  Angel JLC scenes are also best appreciated on our TV widescreen.

It's a pity since this might be Angel's first ever series shown after the second primetime slot. It never happened before.  Angel has a lot of very young fans and her tandem with JLC surely has that too. They wont be seeing that as much if they move it at a later time slot.

Well, there's a school break so hoping they might put it back on the second primetime slot and will just give Mara Clara a jumpstart. I'm still hoping they will reassign it later.

Actually I'm very excited for the last scene as Mateo and Lia almost kiss again outside the pickup of Mateo. It's open air at night only the Vampire henchman of Sam is around watching them.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review and update. I've been too busy to watch Imortal and I'm actually glad they moved it to a later slot. Lia, Mateo and Samantha are really fit for their roles. You're right about RB registering like a kuya but his effort to be a nice, easy-going guy is quite impressive. I'm still hoping to see Jomari back as Roman, he plays his character well.

I'll be able to watch Imortal tonight but please keep doing the review as I'm not sure about my schedule. Thanks again!