Saturday, October 23, 2010

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It is always a welcome treat when an event in a TV series crosses over in the real world especially in this context since netizens love stalking anything related to their favorite show.  Actually, a blogger in a drama having an actual site is not new since I saw the same concept a month ago in the latest drama of Kim Hyun Joong, "Mischievous Kiss".  I love it when my two favorite stars have something in common.

If Vampires have Barang, it looks like "mga Lobo" have Jethro as a seer,  whose role is being played by Dino Imperial.  I cannot clearly make out if the stylist has dressed him up with flamboyant style to add drama to his character.  This Jethro character is something to watch out for next week.

The above scene looks familiar right? If you had watched the latest episode, this is the scene when Lia asked a patron in Cafe Verona about Jethro.  It turned out he knows Jethro and texted him about the encounter with Lia.  If you can't properly read the blog entry above, click here to visit the site.  What makes it more interesting is the post of Lia (not sure if this Lia is a poser though ...) looking for Jethro.

I hope we will get more spoilers from this blog site as the show progresses.  As Imortal supporters, I encourage you to follow Jethro's site by logging in as "follower".   As of posting date, the blog site has 135 followers.

For those who have not read yet the review for episode 15 by angeladik, I hope you will find time because it is a good read and will make you more observant in watching future episodes.  If you want to add your own views, you may post it in the comment section or in the "angeladik's corner" chat box.

Imortal is airing after Noah and Mara Clara starting Monday, 25th of October 2010.

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