Thursday, October 7, 2010

Imortal maintains lead nationwide over rival show

ABS-CBN's Imortal which premiered strongly on its debut last Monday despite a low-key launch and not much media event, which was a standard fare for other shows in the past. 

On the 2nd episode, Imortal rating nationwide slipped 1% but still maintained a strong showing based on overnight survey of Kantar Media/TNS among National households with 33.4% (Grazilda, 22.9%).  Imortal is ranked 2nd nationwide with Noah at the top.

Imortal slipped 1.7% on the 2nd episode among mega Manila households based on overnight ratings of AGB Nielsen Philippines but lost by only 0.1% against its rival show (Imortal 13.4%/Grazilda , 13.5%).  It ranked 4th in mega Manila with GMA shows Ilumina/Survivor and Grazilda at the lead.

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Comparative Ratings (October 5, Tuesday):

Kantar-TNS Nat'l Household Ratings: UKG 4.8/KC 5/UH 4.3; Dora 5.4/Doraemon 7.5; Spongebob 6.4/Conan 7.9; Banana 6.6/Shaman 7.4; Panahon 5.2/Shining 5.2; Showtime 11.5/Mister 4/Asar 7.1; Win 11.1/Bulaga 15.7; Rosalka 13/Yaman 10.9; Alyna 15.4/Beautiful 11.9/Trudis 14.1; Kapamilya Blockbusters 11.7/Kapuso Movie 11.5/Wife 10.9; Kokey 23.5/Bantatay 18.6; Patrol 29.7/Oras 23.4; Noah 34.2/Survivor 24.2; Imortal 33.4/Grazilda 22.9; Magkaribal 24/Idol 16/Ilumina 20.8; Kristine 12.9/Endless 15.9; SNN 6.7/East 7.8; Bandila 3.4/Saksi 3.6; Correspondents 2.1/Music 0.8/Reporter's 1.6

AGB Nielsen Mega Manila People Ratings: Mister 2/Asar 4.4/Showtime 4.1; Bulaga 9.6/Win 4.1; Yaman 6.1/Rosalka 4.6; Trudis 8/Alyna 5.1/Beautiful 4.8; Kapuso Movie 5.3/Kapamilya Blockbusters 4.3/Wife 4.6; Bantatay 9.7/Kokey 7.3; Oras 12.5/Patrol 10.4; Survivor 14.6/Noah 12.9; Grazilda 13.5/Imortal 13.4/Magkaribal 10.7; Ilumina 14.6/Idol 7.8; Endless 11.4/Kristine 6.6; East 5.7/SNN 3.7

Source: PEP (TNS/AGB)

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