Thursday, October 7, 2010

Imortal: Fan's review of episode 2

Review written by: Angeladik

It was a very powerful performance from Angel Locsin as Lyka Ortega in the second episode.  Angel has this special ability with powerful persona roles.  This time I think the director (Chito Rono) was able to bring out more steps higher, like no one here in these parts really can - the distinctive Angel's touch to the powerful Huling Bantay role.

What I like about it?  There were comments I read about why Jo Mari? Perhaps for good measure Angel's overpowering performance last night to the easy going role of the peace loving Vampire of Jo Marie allows Angel to shine brighter in a very powerful way.  I can actually feel the Power.

I will have to see it again in Youtube to see why I did when I saw it and which scenes actually made me feel it.  The depth surely helps and Angel unleashes the way only she can do it.

Whatever is lacking here, as critics are already fast to find one, I'm more than pleased.  As long as it brings out the best from Angel the better for international producers to notice why Angel should be in their major projects.  There I hope to see more of what we see Angel can still do.

Actually I was not fully satisfied with Lyka in the Pilot although it was really good too even with the short exposure.   But for the second episode, I could actually feel the Power!

I'm so pleased and hoping to see more.  If a local director can bring this out from here, there are still intangibles coming from Angel which I know she's capable of.  The better if she is given more directors to explore them.

[several hours later ...]

I think the 2nd episode was still the best.  Nope, I have not touched Youtube yet.  I think the Power comes from the acting depth and style of Angel. Of course, she's at her best usually portraying heroic powerful characters with a lot of heart.  Maybe that's something coming naturally because it's very near of who she is.

In playing the role of Lyka, you also see that caring motherly about her character.  Even if Angel's not yet a mother, you can see she's able to essay this role plus the part of her Huling Bantay role she's powerful but in control, the gentle with a big heart leader all at the same time.  The gentle side and the fierce side of course we see Angel captured here.  That's the nice to see.

But I guess I like to see Power so it's no surprise I find the 2nd episode's display attracting me more.   That's the neat thing when Angel's in an action scene and in the case of the 2nd episode including the acting there.

This might be the age of stuntmen and women and special effects tricks to make the actors look good doing action roles but with Angel conveying strength and power its really no big deal.  Angel's a natural doing them.  She can easily look better than any actor actually because she's a real deal action movement actress.  She does action scenes so well and looks so good doing them.  A guy actor can even be good doing action scenes but would not look as good as Angel.

Nicky's Note:  

I hope Angeladik would not mind my omission of some side comments.  Thanks dear and hope you will find time to share your thoughts with us when you get time.  I don't expect this to be a regular one since there are things also that we need to attend outside fandom.

Although review of episode 3 is done, I will post it here tomorrow since I am already sleepy hehe.  It is available at Angeladik's corner if you guys want to check it out ...

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