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Imortal: Episode 1 - The Prophecy

Finally, after several scheduling delays and abrupt launch date Imortal made its premiere last night.  I don't have any expectation since I know the pilot episode normally focused on the foundation of the story.  At the rate the story is going, we will see the lead cast by next episode unlike in other series.  For the main characters, click here for our previous story.

Episode 1

The story opens with Lyka Raymundo Ortega (Angel Locsin) transforming into Lobo to fight off vampires.  It was distracting to see Lobo that huge (I missed brasca in Lobo).  Lyka was defeated protecting her 5 year old daughter, Lia, and I guess this is the scene where she will die in the next episode.  How's that for spoiler?  Roman (Jomari Yllana) was also in the scene but did not actively join the battle.  He must be the reason why Lyka was declared a traitor by Waya and made Lia (Angel Locsin as adult) an outcast.

Next scene in year 1572.  The scene in the beach shows the arrival of the vampire in our shore.  Year 1800 shows Magnus (Jake Roxas) killing his victim in a street at night.  Another vampire joins him and scampers away to find his own victim when Magnus rebuffs him.  The 2nd prey is saved by a brown lobo (I really have issue with its huge size).  This scene established the premise that lobo protects people from vampires.  Next scene is the transformation of Roman by Magnus into vampire.  He explains that only powerful men like Roman can be vampire.

Roman realizes that he has to keep to keep his distance from his son named Mateo.   He confronts Magnus and resents being a vampire.  Of course, the director has to do this scene showing off Magnus buff body hehe.  Now they have an explanation what vampire has to do to protect themselves from the heat of the sun.  Roman's refusal to kill human and limits himself to animal's blood reminds me of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire.

Year 1827 in the cemetery, Roman regrets not spending time with his son before passing away.  Looks like Roman still refuses the ways of Magnus.  In this scene, Magnus tells his life story on how Lobo killed his wife and children despite them not being vampires.  A man sees them who is immediately  recognized by Magnus as Lobo.  Despite getting saved from Lobo's attack, Roman chooses to distance himself from Magnus.

While running away from Lobo, Magnus finds himself getting invited albeit forcefully inside the vampire's prophet's house, Barang (now I am missing Nana Sela of Lobo hehe).  She tells Magnus the prophecy:
"Bago lumipas ang isandaang taon, tatakpan ng anino ang buwan.  At sa gabing yun, ang isang bata na may dugong bampira ang ipapanganak na may takdang pagpapakilanlan.  Siya ang magiging pinakamapangyarihang bampira sa lahat.  Pero ang kaakibat ng kanyang pagkakapanganak, isa ring makapangyarihang lobo ang iluluwal. Na naitakdang maging mortal nyang kaaway na dala dala ang proteksyon ng pagmamahal ng isang ina.  Sa huli, ang kagat ng wagas na pag ibig ang magbabago ng lahat.  Sa muling pagtatago ng buwan, isang dugo na lang ang magwawagi."

Barang informs Magnus that he will be instrumental in realizing the prophecy.  Magnus assumes that he will be the father of the baby in the prophecy.

The next scene narrates how Taong Lobo defeated vampires and sent them into hiding.   Peace for several years reigns until the next battle referring to their supposed extinction (Lobo story), which they overcame though Lyka.  Next few scenes were lifted from Lobo TV series.

Year 1984.  Lara Quigaman's character (didn't catch the name) meets Roman who becomes her lover.  The confession of Roman that he is a vampire reminds me of Twilight movie when Edward confessed also to Bella.  Why do the confession in the woods under that sunlight?  Roman takes his girl home to meet his family err more of ampire community.      

Recalling the prophecy, Magnus looks for a baby inside a maternity ward.  Since he failed having a baby with a woman, he decides to transform into vampire a heavily pregnant woman whom he hypnotizes to hand over the baby in his care when born.  Meanwhile, Lara's character dies giving birth to Roman's son.  I felt a bit sad watching this scene because Roman refuses to transform his girl into a vampire for loving her too much.

As prophesied, the most powerful vampire (Mateo Rodriguez) and taong lobo (Lia Ortega) were born at the same time ...

Five years later, Lia is having a 5th birthday party.  Lyka gives the phone to Lia to talk to her Dad, Noah, who is driving towards the house (why talk on the phone while driving when you're so close to the house?).  As the car approaches, a vampire lands on its top.  Lyka informs Noah through the phone about the danger. She transforms into Lobo and jumps off to help save her family.  Too late ...

Noah and the twins die. The writers way of saying of goodbye to Noah's character - balloons!

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Spoiler:  Lyka will die in the next episode.

My thoughts:

Trivia: Piolo Pascual has refused to appear in this episode because he wanted to concentrate on his TV series, Noah.

On this episode: I like Imortal generally speaking mainly because I like the lead stars.  I was hoping the feel would be something similar in the trailer.  I understand the background is important to introduce the story so I am fine with it.  The story itself is something that have been seen before - vampire and werewolves.  I hope scenes similar to Hollywood movies will be avoided in  future episodes.  The directing and pacing make the story interesting. I am looking forward to how the prophecy will unfold. 

One detractor is the Lobo CGIs.  I am team Waya Inc. but the vampire part looks more solid as compared to Lobo in terms of special effects.  It doesn't help that I have a full collection of Anne Rice vampire novels and I love vampire stories hehe.

There are few inconsistencies with the time lines with respect to history (Spaniards era) and Lobo (the story) but since they are not the main focus of the story I am letting it go and move on.

What give me pause is why they have to kill my favorite Lobo characters.  I know it is needed in the story but as a wolfy, it is difficult to see my beloved characters die so young.

Overall, I love this episode and I don't get tired watching it again and again.  Congrats team Imortal!

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