Friday, September 3, 2010

Cast of Imortal revealed

Cast for the much anticipated TV series, Imortal, of Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz has finally been revealed in its newly launch website. Here's the synopsis of Imortal from the site:
300 years ago, a group of powerful beings arrived in our shores. Known as vampires, drinkers of human blood, their menace quickly spread throughout the land. But unknown to them, a powerful clan also lived in the islands, a group of beings who can transform themselves into powerful wolves - the Taong Lobos.
The Taong Lobos were the humans' protectors and they immediately formed an army to destroy the vampires. The blood drinkers were no match to the Taong Lobos. One by one, they fell. Those who survived were driven into hiding. What followed was peace among the humans and taong lobos, and the memory of the vampires started to fade.
But the vampires are only lying in wait – organizing and fortifying their numbers until they are ready. They are holding a secret – a prophecy that foretells of an epic battle between them and the Taong Lobos that will finally decide the one blood that shall rule all. The battle shall be led by a powerful vampire and a powerful taong lobo who are each other's nemesis and downfall. The vampires believe they have found their prophesied savior and now they are preparing to come out and start the war.
The Taong Lobos have grown complacent, and they know nothing about the prophecy. With the stage set for an epic battle, two individuals, Mateo and Lia, find themselves drawn to each other, unsuspecting that as they grow closer together, they are awakening the powers that are lying dormant in both of them – the same powers that will inevitably tear them apart.

From bottom left counterclockwise to right: Lia Ortega, Abraham Villamor as loyal ally of Lia, Clarisse as daughter of Lucille, Lucille as Punong Bantay, Lucas Teodoro, Simon as father of Lucas and adoptive father of Mateo

Taong Lobo

Lia Ortega (Angel Locsin).  Honor was taken away from her when her heroic mother was branded a traitor by the whole of Lobo kind. Now, bearing the mark of her mother's shame and treated like a slave, Lia is doing everything she can to clear her mother's name and restore her standing in the powerful world of Taong Lobos. But to do this, she must first unleash the power that is sleeping inside her.

Abraham Villamor (Jaime Fabregas).  Among the most powerful and influential Waya, Abraham has been a loyal ally of the former Punong Bantay Lyka. Even up to this day, he remains to be a loyalist to her, supporting Lyka’s daughter, Lia, against the wishes of the present leadership of the taong lobos. But his criticism against the leaders have caused him enemies. 

Clarisse (Nina Dolino).  Daughter of the most powerful woman in the Taong Lobo world and being groomed to take over the reins of the Lobo leadership, Clarisse is used to getting her own way but love shows her that there are just some things she cannot force and manipulate.

Lucille (Vivian Velez).  To humans, Lucile is the CEO of the influential business group, the Waya Incorporated. But she is actually the Punong Bantay, the most powerful leader of the Taong Lobos. Ruling the Taong Lobos with an iron hand, she holds on to power no matter what, determined to take down anyone who dares to get in her way, especially if it turns out to be Lia – the daughter of the woman she loathes the most. 

Lucas Teodoro (Rico Blanco).  He is the heir to a huge real estate empire but Lucas wants nothing to do with the life that is already waiting for him. Instead, he stumbles into the world of Taong Lobos and vampires where he fights to gain the love of a lifetime. But as he starts to see his humanity as his weakness, he gets sucked into a war that will test just how human he is in the end.

Simon Teodor (Johnny Revilla).  A real estate mogul, Simon is a shrewd and very ambitious person. He is Lucas’ father but has never treated Lucas like a loved son. Instead, Simon favoured Mateo, an orphan he picked up from the streets. For Simon, the most important thing is to be on top whatever it takes - a belief that he is able to impart to Mateo.   

From bottom left counterclockwise to right:Samantha, Mateo Rodriguez, Roman Rodriguez as father of Mateo, Tom Moreno who loves Samantha, Magnus Imperial as father of Samantha


Mateo Rodriguez (John Lloyd Cruz).  Trying to forget the painful bits of his past, Mateo is determined to succeed as his adoptive mentor's righthand man in the world of business. But when strange things start happening to him, he seeks to find answers from his mysterious past. Unknown to him, he is destined for greatness and power only he can possess. But in order to obtain them, he must thread the very thin line between darkness and light, and risk losing his heart and soul forever.

Roman Rodriguez (Jomari Yllana).  He is a 300 year old vampire who dreams of peace between his kind, the humans and the Taong Lobos. He has controlled his thirst for blood to prove that vampires can survive without hurting anyone. He believes he holds the key to peace but his journey to make everyone else listen brings tears and tragedy to many. 

Samantha Imperial (Maricar Reyes).  A famous eventologist by day, Sam is a vampire who hides in the shadows of the night. All her life, she has only known one thing – the sacred mission that she must fulfill of leading the vampires out of the Taong Lobo's iron rule. As she lays out her intricate plan for war, she must also battle the doubts that plague her and decide who she really is in the end.  

Magnus Imperial (Jake Roxas).  An old and powerful vampire, Magnus wants a world where vampires live free from the terror of being hunted by the Taong Lobos. To attain this dream, he wants to win the war against both humans and taong lobos. His powerful weapon is his daughter, Samantha, whom he believes will lead their kind to victory. 

Tom Moreno (Rocky Salumbides).  A young and strong vampire, Tom is deeply in love with his sire, Samantha. He has been accused of blindly following her wishes but his loyalty never wavers and he is willing to sacrifice his own life for Sam and the vampire cause. But his loyalty will be put to a test when his heart gets broken. 

*thanks to 143ehraldvamp and batutai in Twitter in identifying some of the actors in the cast ...
credit:  Imortal website

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