Saturday, September 4, 2010

Check out the Imortal Website

Have you already visited the Imortal website?  It looks like those on Firefox are having problem in loading the pages but the website is accessible if you access it though Internet Explorer. For those who have not visited it yet, click here to check out the site. 

The following sections are still under construction:
  1. Likhang Imortal (user generated content) - online users can create and design his own character, tell about his creation's powers and stories.  These characters will come to life in special episodes.  Prizes up to P100,000 will be awarded for the best character suggestions.
  2. Pangil (role playing game) - play the specifically-designed game for Imortal
  3. Anino't panaginip (webisodes) - these are 5-minutes episodes that will show untold stories and secrets of the Imortal world

Click the image to view the enlarged version

This upcoming and much anticipated TV series, Imortal, of Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz is set to air this year.  I heard some people talking about its premiere date on 18th of October replacing Magkaribal but take this with a grain of salt.  Until ABS-CBN specifically confirm the premiere date and show the full teaser on TV, I will just take all this talk as rumors. 

Credit: Imortal website

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Anonymous said...

Hi, one problem in the imortal website is that I uploaded three times of artwork entries to their contest but there's no posted entries of mine. I followed their procedures for sure but my entries are not there. Hope I could get some answers for this. Thanks.