Thursday, September 30, 2010

[Photos] Imortal's behind-the-scenes

Expect a strong promotion campaign on TV for Imortal for the next three days before its premiere on Monday at primetime bida, after Noah.  Mico del Rosario confirmed that Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz will be guesting live tomorrow in E-Live and ASAP on Sunday.  The promo schedule at the sidebar will be updated as and when a new information comes out.

I checked the news portal last night and noticed that Imortal's premiere on Monday was hardly mentioned.  I do hope more articles will be written about Imortal in the next three days before the launch.  If you are waiting  for the press conference announcement, ABS-CBN has no time to prepare one given the short notice.  What's the rush?  It is all about  the shaky rating I heard.

It is encouraging that several bloggers have already posted the early premiere of Imortal and I appreciate the effort in spreading the news.  Let's unite and do our share angels.  Spread the news as much as you could using the online tools at your disposal like social networking sites, forums, word-of-mouth to family and friends, twitter, and other ways of communication.  For those who want to check out the news that came out so far, visit the news thread in our forum here or click here, here, here and here to visit the news portal directly.

A couple of videos from Imortal website were uploaded in youtube by Mico, a slight variation from previous videos.

There is a good blog entry at mychos so I encourage you to read her blog here on Imortal.  I hope she will not mind sharing these behind-the-scene photos.  Please post a comment in her blog to extend your appreciation ...

Check out the rest of the post for other photos ...

Angel with her co-star, John Lloyd
Angel with the 2nd lead star, Rico Blanco, on his acting debut on TV
Angel and Rico
Not sure if that girl plays the role of Charice
Angel taking a break with her iPad
Is it addictive Gel hehe

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