Friday, August 20, 2010

Support Trending Project for Imortal in Twitter

First let's discuss the good news.  No, it is not the premiere date yet for Imortal although I know it is difficult to wait when we don't know for how long we should keep on waiting.  Roxy Liquigan, Adprom Director of Star Cinema announced in Twitter yesterday that the Imortal website will be up by first week of September.  So it means it is still not definite whether Imortal will be aired next month.  One thing is definite though, Imortal will be aired this year as confirmed by Mico del Rosario, who handles the promotion of TV shows and movies for Star Cinema.

To show ABS-CBN that fans of Angel seriously want to see Imortal this year, there is a trending project in Twitter for Imortal.

What is trending?  Basically, it is called trending topic or "TT" which means we want Imortal to appear in Twitter's list as the number one topic worldwide for a certain hour. 

We will trend Imortal and Angel Locsin from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Phil time) on the 26th and 27th of August.  Which means, you need to include the word "Imortal" and "Angel Locsin" in all your tweets.

For those who have no Twitter account, please create one.  All you need is an email address to sign up.  Click here to go to Twitter.

Things to note:
  1. Include "Imortal" and "Angel Locsin" in all your tweets.  If we can include both of them in TT the better.  Also, let's take this opportunity to put Angel Locsin's name at the international level once again.
  2. Create your own tweets but do RT of other tweets also.  Besides, doing RT is much faster especially using Tweetdeck since you can RT using multiple accounts at the same time.  To install Tweetdeck, click here.
  3. Post tweets as fast as you can within the 2 hour period (8:00 PM to 10:00 PM).  You can prepare your tweets in advance by writing them down in Word or Notepad before the trending time.  You can then do copy and paste at the appointed trending time.  Make sure to put Imortal and Angel Locsin at the beginning or middle of your tweets so that when people do RT, both words will not be removed.
  4. Create multiple Twitter accounts.  Avoid using your personal account because it might get suspended.  There is a limit on the number of tweets you can send per account within a day.  If you post tweets very fast (which you must), you will definitely reach the limit within 1 hour of trending.  Make sure also to minimize your tweets before the trending time.  Note:  It is easier to use Hushmail in creating multiple email addresses for your multiple twitter accounts.  To create a Hushmail email address, click here.

Please help in spreading this trending project to your friends, co-supporters of Angel and John Lloyd, forums, blogs and fan  pages in Facebook.  Let's do it angels!!!

Want more of Imortal?  I don't have anything more except these gifs I made :)



no one said...

i like 8 kailan ipapalabas

Nicky said...

No specific date yet pero this year daw for sure sabi ng ABS-CBN

Anonymous said...

Sana naman this sept.2010 na, pls. pls. pls..

Anonymous said...

yeah right,

Nicky said...

I am not really sure about September airing but we can always hope ...

Anonymous said...

kilalanin ang tunay na ina ni samantha sa