Friday, August 20, 2010

Support Angel Locsin in the Poll of Starmometer

Photo credit to Starmometer

If you are a die-hard supporter of Angel Locsin, you will notice that angels (fans of Angel) consider this poll very important.  Since the inception of this annual poll by Starmometer in 2006, Angel has been the undefeated title holder for 4 years.  Now on its 5th year, will we still be able to retain the title? 

This post is just a heads up that the nomination has started.  The elimination process is basically the same except for the top 20 finalists who will battle it out this year though Starmometer's Facebook Page.  This is a new process and it is not clear yet if this process is for the final round because knowing cd (the blogger), he always changing it at midstream.  To read more about the mechanics, check out Starmometer here.

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