Thursday, August 26, 2010

Join Trending Project for Imortal of Angel Locsin Tonight

As we blogged previously here, the Imortal website will be up by first week of September and it looks like ABS-CBN is finally pushing through with the campaign promo for this show.  The above photo was released by ABS-CBN through Twitter earlier.

How excited are you for Imortal?

Show it by joining our trending project tonight to make a big loud noise. Let ABS-CBN know how much we care for Angel Locsin and support her tandem with John Lloyd Cruz for Imortal.  Be a part of tonight's intensive trending session so that everyone all over the world will know about this much anticipated TV series.

Let's all unite and cooperate to show the world that fans of Angel are a force to reckon with!!!

Trending details: Trend "Imortal" and "Angel Locsin" tonight, 26th Aug, at 8pm-10pm (Manila time)

For those new in Twitter, trending means you need to include "Imortal" and "Angel Locsin" in all your tweets.  Post tweets as fast as you can from 8pm to 10pm tonight (Manila time).  For guidance, check out the time clock at the top right of this blog.

I am re-posting here the items to note that I posted before for easy reference:
  1. For those who have no Twitter account yet, it is very easy to create one.  All you need is an email address to sign up.  Click here to go to Twitter.
  2. Include "Imortal" and "Angel Locsin" in all your tweets.  Let's make both as top TT.  Remind the world again to check out Angel Locsin and let them know of her upcoming TV series, Imortal.
  3. Create your own tweets but Retweet (RT) other tweets also.  Note that doing RT is faster through Tweetdeck since you can use multiple accounts at the same time.  To install Tweetdeck, click here.
  4. Post tweets as fast as you can within the 2 hour period from 8pm to 10pm.  You can prepare tweets in advance by writing them down in Word before trending starts. You can then copy and paste when we do trending. 
  5. Create multiple Twitter accounts.  Avoid using your personal account because it might get suspended.  There is a limit on the number of tweets you can send per account.  If you post tweets very fast (which you must), you will definitely reach the limit within 1 hour of trending.   Note:  It is easier to use Hushmail in creating multiple email addresses for your multiple twitter accounts.  To create a Hushmail email address, click here.  

Let's do this Angels.  We can do it!!!

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