Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Angel Locsin to leave for Japan this weekend for filming

Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach are leaving for Japan this weekend with director Olive Lamasan for location filming of their movie.  This update was confirmed in Twitter by Mico del Rosario, who handles promo of TV shows and movies for Star Cinema.  He advised that the group might stay in Japan for a week.

Angel and Aga in an episode in Oki Doki Doc sitcom

The plan to shoot in Japan was first announced in last week of June and hopefully this time it will finally push though.  Click here for our related story.  I wonder if the script has been revised to reduce the number of scenes in Japan because Aga mentioned two months ago that they were supposed to film in Japan for 10 days.

If we recall the filming of this movie got delayed because of Aga's prior commitment to complete his movie with Regine Velasquez which we heard still has 6 remaining shooting days.  Viva is planning to release this movie before Regine's wedding in December.  I do hope Angel's movie with Aga will not suffer again to give way to Viva's plan.  We want to see this movie gets released this year.

Aga shared that this movie is difficult to film because of its large scope since it is not only a love story but also involves politics, guns, and dancing.   As we know, Angel and Aga are playing the role of dancers here.  They will be playing their age with many flashbacks.  There is one sequence which they filmed for 3 days but will be screened for less than 50 seconds only.    

Despite the far in between projects, Angel advised that it is fine with her to wait a bit long for the next project because ABS-CBN has been giving her quality projects.  She believes she's past the competition stage.

"I’m already 25. I’m more matured than that. I had my time, right? Now I just go with the flow. As long as the projects assigned to me are above average, I couldn’t care less."

Currently, the iEmmy nominated for best actress is busy taping for Imortal (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and shooting the movie (Tuesday and Thursday).  Other days are for commercial shoots, pictorials, and other commitments.

I heard that the working title "Huling Sayaw" might be changed but it is not confirmed yet.  Other casts in the movie are Jake Cuenca, Ryan Eigenmann, and Smokey Manaloto.

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