Friday, June 25, 2010

Angel Locsin to Film "Huling Sayaw" in Japan Next Week

After months of delay in filming the movie, "Huling Sayaw", of Angel Locsin with Aga Mulach it appears that the shooting is starting to speed up as Aga shared in a press conference for his upcoming TV sitcom two days ago.

In the interview, Aga confirmed that he is leaving with Angel next week for Japan. The first part of the movie will be shot there and expected to film there for 10 days. In this movie, we will see Aga dancing again but more serious than what he did in 'Bagets' movie in the '80s. Aga shared that he needs to lose more pounds than what he did in 'Love Story' in 2007. If he reduced his weight to 160 lbs for that movie, he feels that he needs to reduce his weight to 150 lbs for this movie since as an expert ballroom dancer, he needs to be lean and agile.

"Huling Sayaw" as we gathered is an action-drama and not a typical a love story because it will also involve politics. Angel and Aga are both dancers in this movie so there will be a lot of dance sequences but they are not stripteasers here although the theme will be dark and sensual. They both confirmed that the roles they are going to play are very challenging and some scenes will be difficult since they are entirely different from their past movies.

In preparation, Angel and Aga started meeting from 25th of February for dance rehearsals since they were supposed to begin shooting on 15th of March but did not materialize. To-date, they completed a one day shooting for this movie on 14th of June. Angel did a superb job in her first scene, which involved pole dancing and took her only one take. She was wearing a one-piece suit during her dance sequence.

Prior to filming, Angel underwent rigid training in pole dancing and got bruises. She enrolled in a pole dancing class to train her body to be more flexible and learn the art of sensual fitness routine. Imagine Angel Locsin shifting her weight and limbs through different balance positions while suspended in a pole, and suddenly she grips the pole with her inner thighs and all her limbs are extended upside down. She has also been preparing to become physically fit for the movie by running hard and working out.

In an interview with Angel, she shared that the moviegoers will see her portraying a different character which she has never though of portraying and will do scenes that that will be seen only in this movie because she will not be doing it again. It will be a challenge for her because she will be doing some uncomfortable scenes so it will take a lot of concentration and motivation.

Before the shooting, Angel has already bonded with Aga by having dinner together in a restaurant owned by the family of Cesar Montano. Here are the photos shared by Sunshine through her Twitter account.

Other casts are Jake Cuenca and Ryan Eigenmann under the direction of multi-awarded director, Olive Lamasan. She directed several blockbuster hits and critically acclaimed movies such In My Life, Milan, Madrasta, and Anak. Although this is the first project of Angel with Ms. Olive, Aga has worked with Ms. Olive in the past for "Sana Maulit Muli" that also starred Lea Salonga.

The movie was conceptualized by ABS-CBN unit head Enrico Santos and being produced by Star Cinema. Incidentally, Ms. Olive is also the ABS-CBN's Vice President for Creative.

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