Monday, July 19, 2010

More FHM Photos of Angel Locsin

Photos of Angel Locsin kept on coming and I am posting some here for my compilation. Angel's dramatic entrance at the FHM party have been featured in various news portals and blogs. I like best the title header from Manila Bulletin, "They got nothin' on Angel Locsin". Here's the extract of the news:
Angel Locsin may well be the ultimate testament that a woman doesn’t need to wear skimpy outfits or do daring roles in order to be seen as sexy. For the second time in five years, she was crowned as FHM Philippines’ Sexiest Woman in the World at the magazine’s annual party last July 15.

She was literally an angel, donning big, white wings similar to the costume she wore during her “Mulawin” days in the Kapuso network. With a little help of harness, Locsin, wearing an elegant black tube mini-dress, descended from the air and gracefully landed at the center, surrounded by her fellas, who also made it to the 100 sexiest list.

The predominantly male crowd who thronged the World Trade Center shouted warm cheers for the actress as she ramped on the stage with B.O.B.’s “Nothing On You” on the background. Indeed, the other girls got nothin’ on the sexiest lady in the country. Read more ...
This one is from, check out also its site for more photos of Angel.
Angel Locsin soared. The grandest theatrics were reserved for the FHM's sexiest babe. Just when everyone thought that the show was over, Angel, complete with angel wings, hovered down to the stage for us mere mortals to have a glimpse of her undeniable beauty. Angel's victory was very much deserved. She garnered more votes than three Presidential candidates combined, after all. Read more ...

Check out also the blog of bubbly b-girl, affirming that Angel rocked the crowd at the FHM party. Photo credit to bubbly b-girl.

Here are more photos of Angel taken from FHM victory party. Among Angel's photos, she looks somewhat different from this angle.

The above and these photos were taken by Melo Balingit posted in PEP. He had nice captions for each photo so check out the site to read them or click here.

These photos were shared in Twitter, credits to lee_gracey (left, middle) and xtian12 (right)

For those who have not bought the FHM for July issue, here's the cover scan. credit to rysh0201

For SNN coverage of the FHM victory party, click here and here for party photos from FHM.


Anonymous said...

angel locscsin is very
sexy talaga!!!!
she really deserves it!!!!
gogogogogo idol!!!
we love you..

avid angel said...

angel locsin is not only sexy. she is truly a class of her own. she showed everyone that sexiness doesn't mean wearing skimpy revealing outfits. sexiness, like beauty, is skin deep. congrats angel! we truly love you.