Monday, July 19, 2010

Luis Manzano Talks About Angel Locsin at The Buzz

The blog has been getting search strings about Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin frequently. It's been a year since the couple broke up but because they have remain unattached, their fans are not losing hope for a reconciliation. What do I think about it? It is difficult to predict since emotions are involved and I believe this is a private matter so let them resolve their issues by themselves.

Luis mentioned in the Buzz yesterday that he will be meeting Angel after the interview for a long overdue talk and I believe that it indeed happened. Angel has been quiet in her Twitter since yesterday which I believe is understandable because her friend, Bubbles, tweeted that Angel was not feeling well although she still found time to meet the group. Luis is his usual gregarious self in Twitter so I can't make out whether he is happy or sad about something. I was not able to watch Wowowee so I cannot add more.

Before the interview in the Buzz, Luis stayed in HongKong for several days. In one of the events, he shared in the interview that he misses Angel badly. To read the article, click here. For the transcript of the interview in the Buzz relating to Angel, visit ABS here. For the full transcript of the interview, visit PEP here.

If you missed the Buzz interview, here's the video link credit to aries200035 at youtube.

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