Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hale's Magkaibang Mundo Music Video feat. Angel Locsin

I have been waiting for a couple of weeks for the upload of Hale's "Magkaibang Mundo" music video featuring iEmmy-nominated Angel Locsin. Many thanks to Champ of Hale for finally giving us a chance to view this beautiful MV.

Many fans have commented in Twitter that Champ has the potential to become one of Angel's leading man. For our regular readers in 'Angeladik's Corner', you know already that 'angeladik' and I' do agree that Champ has the looks, built, and charisma for that role. I do hope to see them again together in a project. [angeladik's pov as of 27.7.2010: hi nicky! decided to comment on your post about Champ to clarify my POV about his MTV. indeed I did say he has that quiet cool confidence and he looks the exec part which is his role in the MTV but its not like the idealized romantic leading man fans will be swooning about becoz in spite my praise Champ's not exactly the matinee idol or face to die for leading man type. he's more the regular guy you'd see in the office not bad looking but neither somebody with the leading man looks...but for MTV where he's actually the star musician it's alright. for other exchange of pov, click here]

Now that we have seen the video, please help in making this MV number one in MYX Philippines. VOTE by texting:

Myx vote magkaibang mundo send to 2366

At present, "Magkaibang Mundo" is at number 6 at MYX Countdown dated July 17-July 23, 2010 and number 13 at MYX Hit Chart dated July 18-July 24, 2010.

For our another story about this music video, click here.

This is unconfirmed so please don't quote me. I heard that "Magkaibang Mundo" is the official OST for Imortal TV series of Angel and John Lloyd Cruz. However when I tweeted someone from ABS CBN, I did not receive a confirmation.

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