Friday, July 16, 2010

Angel Locsin Soars in Angel Wings at FHM Victory Party

photo credit to melobeee

Angel Locsin made a flying entrance in angel wings at the FHM party!

photos credit to bajhong (top) and nykorodriguez (bottom)

PEP reported that Angel literally soared, wearing a dark blue (my note: it looks black to me) lingerie and an angel wings, from the rafters of World Trade Center in Pasay City last night. The crowd has gone crazy which signified that the event was a huge success.

photos credit to bajhong

Angel Locsin is now officially the FHM's Sexiest Woman of the World in the Philippines. Here's a closer look at Angel's outfit.

credit to owner (posted by cacar in arep)

After the FHM victory party, Angel posted in Twitter that she had a little trouble with harness. As professional as she is, the starstruck crowd did not notice anything amiss and was mesmerized with the pleasure of seeing a gorgeous Angel flying down in a sexy lingerie.

More photos each photo to enlarge

photos credit to bajhong

photos credit to nykorodriguez (left) and dtorrepalma (right)

Here's a couple of gifs I made taken during the rehearsal before the FHM party.



For those who missed watching Angel at TV Patrol last night, here's the video; credit to TheABSCBNNews@youtube.

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