Thursday, January 14, 2010

[Twitter] Ellen DeGeneres Sends Private Message to Angel Locsin

I started following Angel Locsin in Twitter closely this month and like her appearances in TV shows and movies, Angel gives her followers surprises not only with her unexpected private (direct) messages but with her activities in Twitter. One thing I can say, it is fun following Angel and you will love her more as you come to know her better.

As a self-confessed fan of Ellen DeGeneres, Angel started sending her tweets yesterday and her stalking efforts has been successfully rewarded within 24 hours. Angel was ecstatic when she received a private message from Ellen. I suppose she now has an idea how she makes her followers happy with her private messages.

Here's the blog from and I hope she will not mind my re-posting it here. I asked permission after she went to sleep, isn't that a good timing hee. Those who are not familiar with Darla Sauler, she is the writer for SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) and The Buzz so we should watch out for this news to get featured in SNN.

Here's Angel's tweets to Ellen. Notice how sweet she is by mentioning also our other top celebrities. As Angel stalked Ellen, her followers rallied behind her by sending also tweets. I wonder how angeladik, my fave chat mate in the shout box will say about this new development. I hope twitter will deliver to Angel what youtube has done for Charice Pempengco.

Quick Update

Mosbeau Photoshoot

Angel completed the photo shoot for Mosbeau Philippines on the 12th. To give you an idea on what happened during the shoot, check out the blog here. She is truly an Angel! Check out for the press launch soon and a TV commercial within this year.

My super love hairstylist/friend, Nante Alingasa :) bagong gupit din pala ako - Angel's tweet

Angel in an Indie Film

Angel is in the news yesterday about her willingness to work in an indie film, with Direk Maryo Ohara at the helm, playing the role of Andres Bonifacio's wife. To read the news, click here. I hope this plan will materialize and see Angel walking in the red carpet again, this time in Cannes or Oscars.

** updated at 1:37 PM , 14.1.10**

Angel Featured in The Buzz [1.10.10]

The show reported that Luis Manzano and CNN Hero Efren Penaflorida are vying for Angel's affection. During the program hosts POV (point of view) session, Ruffa Gutierrez read the text message sent by Luis, "I am trying to win her back and make up for my mistakes in the past. Na-realize ko she's a good girl worth fighting for." Credit to honeyjemgar@youtube for the video link.


John Ruiz said...

I love Angel Locsin. I created a site for her at

Nicky said...

Hi John! Nice site :) I just visited your site. Thanks for supporting Angel and dropping us a visit :D