Sunday, January 31, 2010

[Poll] Netizens Prefer Ms. Malou Santos to Manage Angel Locsin

Our poll on whom the netizens prefer to manage the career of Angel Locsin ended at the same time the news broke out that Boy Abunda was her new manager. When we sent a tweet message to Angel, she replied that that it was not true through Twitter’s direct message. She re-confirmed again when Darla Sauler, ABS-CBN writer for The Buzz and SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon), re-confirmed the message from Boy’s camp. Here’s the tweet message.
RT @143redangel: Thanks :) RT @darlasauler: it's not true po,ung usapusapan na si Boy Abunda na ang manager ni Angel Locsin.According ...

Now that the news about Boy as Angel’s new manager has been denied by both camps and had petered out, the entertainment industry is again buzzing about the identity of Angel’s new manager.

[Photo credit to Angel thru Twitter, taken on the 26th, on her way back to Manila from Bangkok.]

The public has now generally accepted the unconfirmed report that Angel is no longer under the management of Ms. Becky Aguila. Two weeks ago, we initiated a survey here in the blog out of discontentment with how Ms. Becky has been managing Angel’s projects for the past 2 years. It appears that our survey is on the mark and it is not only us who have been impatient. Guessing the identity of Angel’s manager is now a hot topic although Angel is yet to confirm that she had severed ties with Ms. Becky.

[Left: Angel Locsin. Right above: Boy Abunda. Right bottom: Becky Aguila]

In our survey, netizens prefer Ms. Malou Santos to manage Angel Locsin’s career as revealed by the poll results. Out of 61 visitors in the blog who participated, 62% (38 votes) favors Ms. Santos. For those who are not familiar with Ms. Santos, here’s a brief description from Reuters.
Ma. Lourdes N. Santos serves as Managing Director, ABS-CBN Film Productions Inc. and Star Records, Inc. Ms. Santos holds more than two decades of experience in the local film industry having started as a production assistant for Vanguard Films in 1982. She went on to become head of the movie division of Gryk Ortaleza, Inc., an entertainment company, then a line producer for Regal Films in 1986 and the general manager of Vision Films in 1989. She joined the company as executive producer for its drama programs. In 1995, she became the Managing Director of Star Cinema Productions, Inc. Concurrent with her current position as ABS-CBN Film Production, Inc.’s Managing Director, Ms. Santos was appointed Senior Vice-President of the Television Drama Division for the Company’s Entertainment Group in 2003. In 2006, she was likewise assigned to handle Star Records, Inc. Ms. Santos graduated cum laude in BS Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Santo Tomas.
On the same note, Ms. Malou has a co-management with Oprah Winfrey in handling the career of Charice Pempengco in the Philippines. Personally, I prefer also Ms. Malou to handle Angel’s career; likewise with Angeladik (my fave chat mate in the shout box). We believe that Ms. Santos has the vision, industry influence, and competence in making our dream a reality, which is to see Angel become a star in Hollywood or famous internationally, at a minimum.

[Left: Angel Locsin. Right above: Malou Santos. Right bottom: Johnny Manahan

Although we would like Angel to sign an exclusive contract with Ms. Santos for television and movie projects, she could also opt for a co-management deal with Star Magic, which is a stable for many celebrities that are mainly exclusive stars of ABS-CBN and headed by television/film director Johnny Manahan.

Perhaps due to many stars vying for projects under Star Magic, only 31% (19 votes) of netizens are in favor for Angel to sign under its management. Some may not be aware however that a year prior to Angel’s joining with GMA Network, she was about to be launched by ABS-CBN as part of Star Circle Batch 9 but her father did not allow her to enter the industry at that time.

The last two contenders, Ms. Becky Aguila and Viva Entertainment, both received 3% (2 votes). Here is the actual poll results:

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Anonymous said...

hi, ive been a follower of this blog because im an avid fan of angel. true, im kinda dissappointed about how ms. becky managed angel in the past 2 this message goes out to angel sana pakilinaw na itong issue na ito, sana in time ma reveal na kung ano ang dapat ma reveal.

Nicky said...

thanks for supporting Angel Locsin :)