Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[Poll] Netizens Look Forward to the Movie of Angel Locsin and Aga Mulach

The week long online poll in Twilight Angel’s blog reveals that a drama movie of Angel Locsin with Aga Mulach appeals to netizens as well. Their tandem got a small margin of difference in terms of votes against the more popular tandem of Angel with Sam Milby doing a romantic comedy movie. Angel and Sam’s love team gained big followers after doing a remake of “Only You” koreanovela. Their good chemistry on screen and portrayals of their lovable characters endeared them to viewers, making their show a bit hit.

In the online poll, “Which Movie You Want Angel Locsin to Shoot First?”, the tandem of Angel and Aga doing a drama movie took 2nd place garnering 44% (28 votes), following closely behind the tandem of Angel and Sam doing a rom-com movie getting 55% (35 votes). Only 1 voted “something else”.

The result of the online poll is encouraging for Angel and Aga’s forthcoming movie, considering they have not done any show together recently. Per the latest interview in SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon), Angel had confirmed that she will be doing the movie with Aga in January 2010, which will be directed by OIive Lamasan [click here for our story]. A news article has also published that Angel will be doing a TV series with Aga [click here for our story].

Aga is known for being meticulous and hands on with his movies so we are expectantly looking forward to what this new tandem will offer to moviegoers. Also, Angel has this innate ability in making her partner looks good with her leading men regardless of age difference, as evident in Lobo (The Wolf) teleserye and Love Me Again movie with Piolo Pascual, and in Asian Treasures teleserye with Robin Padilla. Aga has the same innate charm which he had shown well in his recent movies. Aga captured wide followers in making feel good box office hits movies. With the recent trend where moviegoers shy away from melodrama, we are hoping for a light treatment of their upcoming movie that caters to GP (General Patronage) market.

I included in this article some of the convo with my regular chatmate ‘angeladik’ [click here for the complete compilation].


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