Saturday, November 7, 2009

[News] Vilma Santos Hopes Angel and Luis will Reconcile

I love how Ms. Vilma Santos continue to hope for a reconciliation between her son, Luis Manzano, and Angel Locsin. It is a testament how good a person Angel is. As the say, mother knows best and it is great compliment for a girlfriend to be wholeheartedly accepted by the family of a boyfriend, especially by the mother. Angel had good relationship with mothers of her past boyfriends as well.

As reported in TV Patrol World on 3.11.09, Ms. Vilma's birthday wish is for Angel and Luis to get back together. Here's the video clip, thanks to
TheABSCBNNews. I also found an article about a planned meeting of Ms. Vilma with Angel.

Mario Dumaual, TV Patrol World

Credit: The Philippine Times
Vilma meets post-Luis Angel

Batangas Governor Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin could be seeing each other now after quite a while. The two haven’t been able to meet and talk—through no fault of their own—after Angel and Vilma’s son Luis Manzano called it quits.

At the birthday celebration of Vilma last Tuesday in her provincial office at Batangas, Ate Vi said that she will meet Angel at the exclusive dinner party to be held in her house at Alabang.

Vilma refused to give details on what will happen on the meeting, adding that it may fail.

She confessed that she is excited to meet her and is proud to say that she and the Emmy-nominated actress still maintain their communication even though Angel and Luis are not with each other anymore.

The Star for All Seasons also admitted that she was saddened when she learned that Luis and Angel broke up. She said she doesn't meddle in her son's affairs. Nevertheless, she advised Luis to just pray and to try to talk to Angel.

Vilma also said that the erstwhile lovers still will not talk about their break up, although
Angel wants Luis to explain to his mother.

Anyway, many fans—including Vilma—are hoping that Angel and Luis can patch up their differences and find a reason to be with each other once more. And there might be hope, since it is rumored that the two were seen holding hands recently at a party. The two are also in speaking terms right now, making Mommy Vilma very happy.

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