Saturday, November 7, 2009

[Ads] MET No More for Angel Locsin?

I first saw this information two days ago from Stephanie Francisco's blog that Angel Locsin will be endorsing a new Cosmetic Company which specializes in skin whitening so she will be leaving MET (?) I mentioned this update in our twitter account but since I could not find additional information I did not post it here in the blog. Well, additional information is being released from the same blog, so I am shoving the information here and I guess Stephanie Francisco would not mind sharing this information with other fans of Angel.

deliberating these goddesses

This cosmetic company had a few artists lined up for deliberation on who will be the next product endorser.

Top of their list is Angel Locsin (nicky: left image), next is Marian Rivera (nicky: bottom left image), then Christine Reyes (nicky: middle left image) and Kristine Hermosa (nicky: top left).

Unfortunately, Kristine Hermosa (picture above) had to be taken out of the list considering her age.. With all due respect to Ms. Hermosa, she is delightfully pretty, however, the company had to get someone younger I presume.

Next one who was crossed out from the list was Christine Reyes (who is seen above), an executive mentioned that she was too sexy for the product. However, she is definitely effective as a product endorser and considering her popularity rate, there are no questions asked.

Lastly who was removed from the list was Marian Rivera (picture seen above). The board were advised that Marian Rivera was rumored to have.. Let’s say dark spots. Knowing that a number of the products are for underarm whitening. The board decided that it won’t be that credible. Yet, I just remembered, isn’t Marian Rivera the “DARNA” in GMA7? I didn’t notice any dark spot or something. And her popularity rate is quite high too..

After the long deliberation, the board decided that Angel Locsin is to be the next endorser for their whitening products. Factors were the popularity rate, credibility, age, skin tone. I mean, its more of like a package-deal for them.
Too bad the employees won’t have the chance to see Marian, Christine and Kristine.. :)

I’ve seen Christine Reyes though, she’s got truly one stunning Beauty I may say.

On your opinion, who do you think would fit best?
hmmm… just wondering..


LhieAnn said...

deserving tlga si angel!..buti hnd kinuha si marian!...for sure, ki2ta ang products n ieendorse ni angel!..

Nicky said...

Hello! Angel is an effective endorser that's why despite her high talent fee, she is still very much in-demand.

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly Ms Angel Locsin because she's a true Filipina beauty which is more appealing and convincing. Unlike sa iba, they're fair-skinned kc mestiza.