Monday, November 16, 2009

[Info] Angel Locsin's New Hair Color

Fans have been discussing lately about Angel's weight. I am not sure if Angel is aware of it but it has been a running topic for sometime now in her thread in ARep@PEx and even in "Only You" thread in the same forum.

But angels (her fans) who saw her yesterday attested that Angel looks stunning and sexy in person. According to them, her pictures and video clips do not do her justice. But then, not everybody sees Angel in person ^_^

Here are the pictures posted by sis sally in the Arep. Many thanks sis.

Credit: Ghesahl of ARep

I don't know about you guys but I don't really dig this new hair color. I prefer the old one. I would like her to stand out in Emmy Gala as an exotic Asian beauty and not simply blend in.


Sally B. said...

like ko sa kanya ang straight hair...

Aquarius said...

I like your new hair that's sign of moving on....Goodluck angel to your coming Emmy Awards Night...I"ll pray that you gonna win..