Friday, November 13, 2009

[Fans Corner] Twilight Angels Celebrate Friday the 13th

A group of fans of Angel Locsin called Twilight Angels has a reason to celebrate today, Friday the 13th.

Today is the 1st monthsary of the Twilight Angels Forum from the time I created the site. Click here for our story on its 2nd weeksary. For fans that are interested in reading the latest news about Angel, you can visit the current month's News thread, which is a collection of news and updates found from various news center, blogs, and forums. The busiest thread in this forum however is the Greetings Corner thread, where members normally leave messages or simply post greetings for each other.

When you scroll further down in the forum, you will find the Twilight Angels chat box. Anyone can join the chat conversation and has the option to register as well. Note that registration in this chat box is different from the forum.

For videos of Angel Locsin in youtube particularly on shows she had guested in, I recently updated the Twilight Angels channel in youtube. Simply refer to playlists to look at the videos. If you find videos that have not been included, please let us know by leaving a message in the comment box of our channel.

As for this blog, this is our 100th post! You may have noticed that the previous 2 blogs seem done in a hurry. Yeah, it is because I want to blog this story in our 100th post because this is a special day for us co-twilights hee.

If you notice, I am not really in a hurry in blogging about the latest news that have been published in the news centre unless I really like the news. But no worries, any new updates or news I found that have not been published before, I post them in Twilight Angels Twitter. Even if you don't follow us in Twitter, you can still read our tweets in the right side of this blog.

Now to end this blog, I would like to say congratulations to all Twilight Angels and many thanks ladies for your hard work and dedication in supporting Angel Locsin. You know who you are. All the best ladies!

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