Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[News] Angel Locsin has 100m Net Worth

This news has been circulating in the Internet from the 5th of this month but I didn't realize that I have not posted it yet. I am grateful to the writer for posting this information to clear up the nasty rumor that has been circulating specifically about the source of funds used by Angel in donating a big amount for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. I wonder how people can have a short memory. It was public knowledge that Angel earned at least 66m in the year alone that she switched network. Furthermore, she is earning more in ABS-CBN as compared with her stint in GMA. In addition to that, Angel is not extravagant and knows how to handle her finances so it is not surprising that Angel's net would could be higher than 100m.

credit: Edgar O. Cruz | www.stir.ph
Angel Locsin’s net worth is P100 million!

angel locsinAngel Locsin spent almost P1 million for Typhoon Ondoy victims. She has so much money that detractors accused of getting from her rich Chinese lover. And why not? She bought a house at the beachfront of a private resort in San Juan, Batangas in cash. The four-story commercial building in Don Antonio Royale Estate will be paid in cash this October. The extension of her house on the lot she bought last year is under construction.

Estimated to be worth P100 million, Angel has accumulated above properties plus the Mindanao Renata property, vehicles (Savana, Hummer, Vios, and a private bus), the Don Antonio house where she shacks, its adjacent lot, a Boracay condo, the Commonwealth condo, a Tagaytay lot, a Bulacan lot, a Sta. Rosa, Laguna lot, Ethan Allen furnitures, jewelries, designer bags, and millions in the bank.

A quiet and simple woman, Angel accumulated them over the years with blood, sweat, and tears. She’s not the type who would flaunt her acquisitions. Where is Angel getting the money? She is an actress and one of the highest paid endorsers. Her dad knows where to invest her hard-earned money. Most of her properties are income-generating. Her condo along Commonwealth Ave., her first acquired property, her condo in Bora, and Mindanao Avenue are being rented. She also rents out her private bus.

Solid and liquid, Angel has no need for a rich benefactor as she works hard for her money.


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ang yaman pautang ^_^

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She's really blessed for having a good heart!