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Imortal: review of episode 75

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode recap:  Mateo leaves Lia right on inauguration day.  Lia looking desperately for Mateo, decides to look for him from Sam (is she some mistress or something?).  Meanwhile Mateo is following Julian, the "lost" former gardener of Lyka who knows all about what really happened on that eve Lyka died and what Lyka's real intentions were.

It's nice to see Mark Gil (Julio) here but I feel his appearance might be a short one, to enlighten Mateo about what really happened. The pact of Lyka and Roman, Mateo's dad, for Lobos and Vampires to live in peace which Magnus won't even hear of.

This I think leads Mateo to return to Lia and ask her to marry him as we see it in the teasers. Then we see another fight trouble scene where Magnus bites Mateo himself, perhaps having heard of their engagement.

My thoughts. We know of course a bite doesn't mean Mateo joins Magnus as his father Roman was never ever convinced to drink human blood. By now, Lia was properly informed by Sam and it's actually a good little lecture. The girl needs to be taught everything. Okay, from the start we find a weak character but lets just say there's still time to make her a worthy Punong Bantay.  I think it's about time too Lia takes care of Lucille and even Clarisse who seems nothing else but just to get away and escape.

Support characters.  So I guess the writers aren't not into more for spoiled brat Clarisse.  Oh let's not forget what Lucas is going to do.  He's not happy at all. What happens to him?  Well you know there's still another one, Olive but where is her direction going or they just want to give her some acting experience here.  Yup more workshops for her very much needed and without glasses yup she looks too old for Jethro.  The other vampire they're linking him too, Gael, looks more her age though.  But really I'm not fond of this side character and a more interesting young talent could have been in her role.

Lia's character not well taken care of.  Part of the success of a good team up for both lookers is for both to actually be at their best looking on screen.  It's still the writers' preference.  We really notice it's as if the writers were told to make sure Maricar Reyes (Sam) really stands out here even at the expense of the leads.  Besides John Lloyd Cruz (Mateo) fans need not bother so much considering the care ABS-CBN has done for him.  This one little hitch to favor a usually support co-star to really stand out should be no problem, since he's been so blessed.

But what about Angel Locsin (Lia)?  Right now fans still can't get over how it looks like Angel seems a once a year far and in between actress with ABS-CBN not lining her up as is usual for their active talents.  Every project Angel appears in, fans become too expectant is not a surprising reaction considering the kind of patience ABS-CBN seems to want to impose on Angel fans and die hards.  To make a usually support who has not even made some name for herself in the right direction is not exactly what Angel's fans were expecting.

This is slightly what happens in episode 75 of Imortal, meaning near the end of this episode when Sam and Lia had a confrontation with Sam giving Lia a "lecture" and Lia appearing as if she was what there? intensely furious about the "little lecture."

It looks like every time, it's Lia getting the low blows and making to appear dumb and awkward?  We do remember that scene where Lia was going to "burn" Magnus by the touch of her palm only to get this nice little kick from Sam.  Before Lia sees Mateo needing more attention than her taking her revenge on Magnus who she instantly recognized as her mother's killer.

How about those scenes where Mateo chose Lia after Sam's "prophesy driven pronouncements."  The Sam highly dramatic reactions and the near that coconut tree crying outburst complete with dramatic histrionics.  As usual she needs to have this high impact scenes or scenes where Lia gets the receiving end actually and as always seem to have no say about it.

While episode 74 is Lia's moment as Punong Bantay, it's as if the new lobo leader is not getting any least respect with that "little lecture" from Sam when just when was it she was getting a more understanding and milder lecture from the "nicer" Lydia.  Nope with Lydia it was never a lecture but something more motherly while with Sam, Lia was made to look like some dumb waya not able to be as broad minded when we do remember before Lydia being patient guiding her to their own vampire way of life version.

Sometimes you start to wonder, this treatment of Angel's career to make her wait this long is it another way of showing through the way Lia's getting this treatment character wise. After showing Lia in a love scene with Mateo, he decides to leave her. The Punong Bantay doesn't even get enough respect?  An effort to make her character look cheap and dumb?  For allowing herself to be treated this way?  This after the way Lucille's escape happened makes you think the lobos are incompetent and Lia's sentimental inauguration is just that.  She's still a weak leader easily thrown around? Still treated shabbily even with her new Title.

That scene which made Lia just look furiously intense.  Yes Angel was on target alright but the writers nevertheless made her look dumb in front of a talking and lecturing Sam like some immature lobo not capable of broad minded thinking so she (Sam) better be the one to take control since she's the capable one, ouch!  So alright Maricar looked like she was just mouthing her piece there and I didn't like it also that all the director made Angel do there was just to look like someone mad by the touchy little lecture.

To make things worse it's Lia asking for the meeting.  Another of those clear intentions to make her character look lame too. Lia the new Punong Bantay is just some insecure immature neophyte?  So Lucille believes she's never worth the Title which only belongs to her.  There really is an effort to make Lia so low.  Not sure if some fans don't see it as much as we do.  When will her character ever get some upper hand? After all she's now the new Punong Bantay.  This underdog really can't seem to get any upper hand, just when you thought she did, she's back to being back where she belongs.

How about JL's Mateo?  Pretty much looks like they conveniently made him not hear what else Lia had to say that she will eventually use her position to make the other lobos believe in spite who he is.  He is not danger to the lobos but has a good heart.  True, there was this nice bittersweet moment and yet it also meant he just left her right after he got her into that bed.  Well that's enough reason to make Miriam really mad, he could have chosen a better time to leave her.  At a time when she would get her dream to lead her lobo race.  But it usually happens too right? Do we need to complain all the time?  Yeah scripts have done that kind of thing. It happens in real life and yeah Lia is what? Miriam has a lot of reason to tell her to just forget him.  It might even give some viewers enough reason not to like a Mateo-Lia loveteam here.

Lack of solid development.  Remember even pex posters are looking for more connection between Mateo and Lia because as they say it seems the way the characters were established, it seems Mateo and Sam's characters were given more attention connection wise.  It's then no surprise that even with the trust established between Mateo and Lia, for some viewers even that is not too clear considering there's a certain lack the way their connection were established.

So the writers making a pitch for that actually when they make Lia call Sam as if she actually knows him better than Lia does.  Should this be necessarily the case the writers want viewers to have?  It's been slightly suggested many times especially the more subtle scenes between Mateo and Sam when together which are highly suggestive and sometimes it's like less is more.

I notice it when Mateo just puts his forehead over Lia's as sometimes more meaningful to his passionate kisses which sometimes looks like it's Lia more in love with him. There are those looks after their LS (love scene),  Lia looks to be the more happy and in love.

Of course we know it's exactly the way the writing was done.  Make no mistake.  The writers are made to write something where viewers won't exactly be hooked to a Mateo-Lia loveteam.  These subconscious intentions can actually be very powerful.

How about scenes where they look so good together? We have a lot of these too right?  But if you look at it the viewers where still looking for how their character development should have had more of those scenes that establishes this real connection, which writers are obviously not really making it as engaging character and story development wise.

We all know how much they can make them look good together.  There's nothing like their character development making this real connection which as pex posters say more care has been made to connect Mateo and Sam.  So you mean the Mateo-Lia love story is lame and needs to be better established?

Of course there are many questions that needs answers Nicks? You know I always pose them to you? re your take about pex poster observations and mine too.  [the fact that i'm not that really kilig with mateo-lia love story means the story fails to convince me of their great love, which was different in lobo ..we asked the writer about that before but i guess earlier scenes were already done when they started getting our feedback so i hope they'll make an effort to address that shortcoming in later episodes - nicky]

So the need to go on and establish more the characters and their love for each other is not enough on the scenes but more on their characters.  To think that the new Punong Bantay is now sexier and more fashionista..hehe ;) Well it seems she still needs lessons from Sam there for this last episode :P

Lesson on connection development from Mulawin.  If you've seen Mulawin especially the earlier parts they were kind of persistent in establishing the connection between Alwina and Aguiluz.  Something they couldn't recapture in the movie which focused more on the wars and action stuff.

While Mulawin is supposed to be a love story fantasy and action series, we think it's really the love story of Aguiluz and Alwina which caught the fancy of viewers.  Aside from the heartthrob presentation of Angel's Alwina especially for the earlier episodes and Aguiluz too was a very nice romantic character there when he played the unwinged "mortal" who forgot about his identity. [i agree with you angeladik that part plays a big part in making a story very engaging because it's similar to the feedback i got from malaysian viewers for lobo ..the focus on the story was secondary and primarily more on the love story of lyka and noah -nicky]

That part was actually the most romantic.  All juvenile stuff but nevertheless the connection made especially for young and young at heart fans connected, which later they couldn't sustain unfortunately as the story tried to do everything else like the battles between warring winged creatures.

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