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Imortal: review of episode 72

Review written by: Angeladik

After finally the acceptance of Lia, we find our couple finally consummating their love.  This is probably the main attraction for this episode.

So my take about the LS (love scene)?  This time the camera angles were on target.  Gentle but passionate.   The facial shots and preference to stick to the upper body parts was a good choice as focus was more on acting and visuals which was very clean and both looking good particularly Angel Locsin (Lia) for most of the scenes here.  Angel is looking very good actually and matching very nicely with John Lloyd Cruz (Mateo) so the effect is, the more you root for the couple.

But what happens to the rest of the episode?  The danger and risks now in particular for Lia who all her life seems to be forever an underdog.  Still reluctant to take on this aspired job of the Punong Bantay.  Now she has to face wrath once more once it spreads that Mateo is the itinakdang vampira.

This is another ordeal and do viewers really want this kind of stuff considering Lia has always been an underdog?  In past Angel soaps we've seen her at her heroics best playing the underdog later victorious heroine.

How to make this an interesting heroine's journey where viewers will root for Lia is all in the hands of the writers.  If they want her back and of course we know there's this other journey too of Mateo.  He is the cause of Lia's worries of being treated a Traitor once again while for Mateo he is being whooed by the Vampires.  It's not at all alike.

Jethro already knows Lia is keeping Mateo's identity as the itinakdang vampira a secret.  Soon he might make this big mistake if he really shares everything he knows to Olive, who's the subject of Vampire undercover work. Yup the actress playing Olive not heard or seen her before is getting a meaty role here.

As per Lia's request, Jethro's keeping it to himself for now but how long?   Lia is attempting to tell Abraham and not at all helping her cause hearing from him the itinakdang vampira has to be killed, even if he has not transformed fullly yet since he presents a danger to the lobo race according to the prophesy.

So Mateo and Lia's journey doesn't end in their LS at all.  More rough sailing is coming since Mateo might just finally think it best if they separate for the good of everyone.  Yup and for the meantime we will be getting an impregnated lobo by a vampire scenario? and itinakdang vampira not knowing about it? when he leaves her?

Since more events are expected to happen, we trust better character development and scenes for Angel.  Hopefully they still have scenes with John Lloyd and Angel too in spite the impending "separation" hopefully too it will be on and off. Still, whatever course or journey the writers choose it has all the potential to make the interest level high.  So let's hope the writers and directors deliver.  We want the suspense building up but we hope Mateo and Lia will remain how we hope eventually they find a way.  Well that's the fan in me.

Now if I ask you Nicks where do you think should be for the mean time? Added pressure is also in the teaser. [frankly, i want to be surprised because i love good stories.  i want the writers to make it unpredictable with unexpected twists.  since i'm not into melodrama, i want to see more action scenes with angel in future episodes. hopefully, writers would not focus too much into that you-and-me-against-the-world theme coz that have been done countless times already -nicky]

Next episode.   Aside from Clarisse planning a Lucille escape, she's fine with getting her mom to leave for abroad but how about Lucille?  Also added pressure is the Lobo masses demand to make Lia the official Punong Bantay which you can see in Lia's face is not at all welcome news.

Abraham et al already know Lia's not comfortable with this, something supposedly she's aspired for but still very reluctant about considering she's not yet ready to kill.  Although she does it when for a loved one, as is the case when she kept Mateo's secret from Vergara and the girl elite force companion.

Cause of fans' concerns.  The reason we kept on complaining is so simple.  We watch because of Angel and when we don't get what we wanted to watch, we're like this spoiled brat not getting what we wanted.  Yeah, after a hard day's work and being patient with ABS-CBN for making us wait so long of Angel.  Did they really expect real Angel's fans to be patient with them?  It can be bad you know, so there.

I dunno, since we feel we are still a voice out there of a real fan we knew we had to be heard.  Isn't it we make it easy for them too instead of making blind surveys about what fans feel about what they're doing?

So okay, they always point out the bigger picture thing but hey didn't they think too that for busy people like us, a daily primetime show like this is meant to be watched on an everyday basis for us and meant to be enjoyed because our bigger picture is our busy lives and personal lives which is our real world.

Besides, if they wanted us to look at the series on a wider bigger picture then we will surely take them more seriously if we feel the level of the writing and all is near really that good.  Perhaps we will look at it that way.

But when polishing is still an issue then viewers just watch this one for its entertainment value more than anything.  We don't exactly like the idea of pretense when to begin with since we've been hearing from some Twilight fans they made direct copy paste scenes out of their fave movie series.  It's a good thing I've never been a fan of Twilight so I don't bother to ask everything that's been copied since I don't care a bit about Twilight anyway [haven't watch any Twilight movie in the cinema too -nicky]

We just want the best possible entertainment so we can enjoy watching and mainly it's Angel which makes that happen for us.  So the heck about the whole picture when we just watch mainly because of Angel.  Of course you know I don't really watch Pinoy teleseryes much before Angel and I have to admit I'm getting a bit tired now of Mara Clara perhaps because Angel's back in Imortal so our attention's back with Imortal and seeing what's next in store for Angel.

Distracting body movements.  I was focusing on Angel's face during the confrontation scenes so I didn't really have time to catch that camera angle you mentioned nicks re: Angel repressing her hands although I have a word with this issue.

Generally I've noticed this to be a common mannerism among local artists especially from the past.  Every now and then we watch those old drama movies with mom who's the more addicted with Pinoy fare including movies.  If I remember right even Nora Aunor, I think I noticed her do it.  I can't remember which one since I don't really finish watching I just join mom momentarily.

Angel likes doing it a lot I noticed from some past projects.  Her way of controlling herself perhaps when she becomes very intense in scenes, she usually likes to give her all.

I dunno, it's perhaps the way you control yourself in a highly charged emotional scene.  For one in that dramatic confrontation, Angel was assigned the most highly charged and she needed to be highly intense there. The facial expression I thought though was on target.  Only the manner of technique had me more distracted more than anything.

I think perhaps if there's no technique to avoid doing that, the screen media can actually use a different camera angle and concentrate on perhaps Angel's facial expression or just the upper body to avoid exposing the repressed hands or the repressing hands showing.. It's usually something you'll find more in actresses who can be more emotional and a bit not so much in control with emotions.  Women can usually be all out hysterical too you know although for entertainment visuals this can actually distract.

So these are pointers depending on the school of thought a director adheres too.  Sometimes our local directors favor hysterics and body movements like hand movements.   They like to actually highlight although yes for some tastes we don't usually like that.  I'm actually one of them.

Actually in Sam's month long her role bigger than anyone else.  Direk abused the use of hand movements to the max with matching flailing of arms for Sam.  That's the reason my viewmates here were finding her style overly dramatic and corny.  Actually her manner of speaking was not helping her cause any for us at least here.

They could have put a really competent veteran actor to fill the void of Joe Marie (Roman) I think because in spite the best efforts to write her role even better than the leads, Maricar is still someone very much in development.

Writing her role very well and giving her the stage that long actually exposed what she doesn't have yet.  Actually we don't buy that nicks.  I think she actually has some other purpose, and backers made sure she got a bigger role here than usual because clearly if you look at it, there's an attempt to make her look the best here in Imortal.

You just know in this country and even the notoriety I don't like to bring it up here is enough reason to make her role this big.  It's happened with other people before but you just know in ABS-CBN you know backers do it for you.

Thoughts for Angel.  Now since our Angel's back and you pointed it out [re: hands repressed at some intense dramatic scenes -nicky] we want Direck to use less of that technique. We've seen Angel too do drama better when there's less of those body movements.  Angel's facial expressions are the best and we don't want them become less because of these other distractions.

 Angel is still at her best when subdued because it highlights how natural and intense at the same time she is with her facial expressions.  The thing with Angel's facial expressions when at her best is how strongly she projects on screen so the better to find a technique minimizing distracting body movements.

Underplay some story lines. I think too re: storyline some of the characters now need to be underplayed especially if nothing more is done about how their characters are developed.  Best example is Dara who we think recently has had no more substantial character development. She's supposedly the much better veteran actress here let's say compared to Olive.  But there's really nothing more to her role and we feel that if she can do more because her character lately has been too superficial, lacking character and depth and I'm talking about the role not the actress.

Not very familiar if she's one of those really impressive veterans but isn't the Olive actress getting a lot of this kind of special attention considering she looks new to me and very neophyte too acting wise? Is this one another one of those with backers.  Here being paired with Dino Imperial (Jethro), a somehow familiar young ABS talent, makes me wonder since there are more familiar looking young ABS talents around and she doesn't look Dino's age. [if i remember correctly, the girl playing Olive's character is a former ms. teen philippines.  perhaps she's also with star magic? -nicky]

Recent storyline suits Rico Blanco.  As a rocker musician, I guess a role with this kind of angst suits Rico B. (Lucas) more than some romantic lead type of guy.  I think it comes out more natural for him too and likes the role better so the result is more natural to watch.  It makes more sense to do casting well.  I think Rico also likes this role better.  It's more him and he's more comfortable with it so the result translates on screen.

In the same manner, Maricar Reyes (Sam) is being pushed too much and it becomes too much for her.  I dunno I guess more of her just can't sustain enough interest too for my viewmates.  Well, I guess others don't really bother much if they are just more into watching the story.

It can actually be the same with Rico.  They can overextend his role and people who like to watch the story more will still want to watch as long as his role is written very well the way they've done for Sam more than the two leads so far.

My thoughts. 
At this point, we have become less expectant so we just want a nice ride especially for Angel's Lia and we feel too somehow Lia's been deprived of Mateo in spite the LS, bittersweet since we know they just might separate and Mateo making this move truly hurts for Lia eventually?

Writing is I guess moving forward now since for our Lia, she's back.  There are more events going to happen.  What we wish for is the character development of our two to watch here, Lia and Mateo.  Nicely executed scenes for them too and more Angel :cool: Angel fans want Angel :cool:   We still want Mateo and Lia scenes too so still hoping for that too :)  Something very interesting for them.

 Let's hope the writers now make this extra effort to write their roles much better since at least for this week so far looks like they're back with the two main leads.  Let's go back to our real leads relegated as the secondary leads.

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