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Imortal: review of episode 71

Review written by: Angeladik

For episode 71 we have better character distribution.  More appropriate since finally Mateo gets his scenes and Lia does too with less of Sam although she's still very much in the scenes but as is only appropriate and not exaggeratedly looking as if Imortal is about her story as it looked in previous episodes, or from her POV (point of view).

This is the big revelation episode as Lia finds out about Mateo's being the "itinakdang vampira".  We know finally she's willing to stand by him at the expense of being branded a "traitor."   A sort of antilimax too considering Sam's "been there, done that" for Mateo and there you see Sam in the scenes wanting you to feel sorry for her.  While Lia in that scene is just thankful that Mateo finally might be willing to carry on their "you and me against the world", again anticlimactic since you see Mateo looks worried too about Sam not because of romantic love but because of his kinship and "care" for her too.  So it's not really just about the two leads once again.  Always they need to share and a lot of times because of the way Sam is presented, the bigger role to her especially the way the past weeks have been. [is it perhaps of roman's possibility of not being able to come back so the writers feel they need to make sam's role bigger to fill in that void -nicky]

The thing though I don't like about the way the dramatics were chosen, a bit too predictable and the presentation reminding me of a stage play.  Somehow, the past few drama scenes of Angel in the last week were, if my memory serves me right, comes out more natural because of less predictable stage playish like dramatics.  You watch and you notice even the way Sam makes those insert dialogues in between those of Mateo and Lia and you get that effect. [it's like anytime you expect someone will start singing an opera hehe -nicky]

Had the director chosen the more natural approach then the intensity of Angel in particular would have made for better appreciation because intense she really was for that dramatic confrontation with Mateo and Sam in the sidelines.  [i dunno i got sidetrack also with the camera angle of Angel's back like she's repressing her hands ...the camera should have focused on Mateo if that was the intention -nicky].

I dunno also why the director likes inserting those scenes like while the three where having their dramatics, suddenly you see Olive and Dara just pop up...It happens so often in important drama scenes I can't figure out anymore where the director's going.

Somehow I appreciated more the last week's less drama and less drama play technique by the director.  It's kind of a pity because this is the highlight of the two leads with Sam along with them.  I dunno the PEX is full of appreciation and I could see why but I didn't really like the director's choice of technique.  So okay it's my preference, the stage play technique is for the stage and not for TV, that's me.

For me this is still a wanting development.  Director has to use a better technique more suited for TV.  He has done this in previous JL-Angel scenes so we were looking forward to seeing the better executed ones.  We understand they have different sets of directors so the lack of consistency is something that has to suffer because of this fact.

Simon-Lucas dramatic scenes, more natural, .  Actually the dramatics I thought which came out more naturally was the Simon-Lucas encounter.  Despite PEX notices that Johnny Revilla (who plays the role of Simon) has this certain poem reading style as they say manner of speaking, he makes it look natural for some reason.  I wouldn't even say his style will make him look like some great drama actor but let's say it's natural and just simple straightforward, again it's just me. [i dunno i don't mind and it's not affecting his simon's character since he is playing a rich role so it's like part of simon's personality - nicky]

In contrast to the similar poem reading style manner of speaking of Maricar, who clearly makes it look like a kindergarten play so many times and awkward too, even her acting is obviously studied which can be bothersome.  I think the scenes of John Lloyd Cruz (Mateo), Angel Locsin (Lia) and Maricar Reyes (Sam) there, JL was trying to keep it tight, Angel was being intense and Maricar was like waiting when she will deliver her lines.  I dunno, somehow it looked too staged for comfort. [in fairness to Sam, looks like average viewers don't mind how she is attacking her role because people here like her along with lia -nicky].

Improvement on Rico Blanco's role.  For all my Rico B.'s (Lucas) bashing, for his two important scenes in this episode, the one with JL and then with Simon in particular.   Now these are the scenes I think which is up his sleeve.  He actually looks good in those particular kind of character roles.  The character development he's getting now more akin to his personality, perhaps of portaying a troubled spirit.  So I guess, I'll give this episode to Rico B., not that I want to see more of him.  Nope sorry, I guess we have our faves but he comes out the best for this one.

Less Olive scenes.  I will plead once again for less Olive because her character really gets to my nerves from the first scene she had and never even once did I like her in any scene.  Please this is just me so let's not be accused of disparaging co-actors again.  Look if called for, I will give my appreciation like Rico B. not happens to be a fave but I think is doing well now.  As I have been saying there are roles fitting him so if they stick with that, he's alright.  [i saw that comment from mico and i don't agree with him coz he can't force viewers what to like and he should be more receptive of comments to improve the show.  about olive, is this her first tv assignment?  -nicky]

Change of director.  I also want to know if there indeed is a another director change because it's evident from the last time JL and Angel shared those dramatics pre Sam month long episodes?  They had more natural drama highlights between them then.  Let's not overly stage scenes which became prevalent during the Sam month long series.  Let's see the directing technique next.  Hopefully JL and Angel will share some more,  this time just between the two of them and see the effect.  It's a pity because they had good ones before especially now that this is a crucial time for their "you and me against the world" stance of love.

Next episode.  For teasers, we see the fate of Lia following her mother's as she will almost getting there be branded a "traitor."  I could not make out why the script is so hard on Lia not because of this but because of Jethro's line, "that Lia are you being a traitor?" while before with Mateo he actually didn't tell Lia what he saw about him?  Do the writers have short memory? or they are so hard on Lia?

We see a very worried Lia more in trying to protect Mateo, she's really risking being branded a "traitor."  Suffering the fate of her mother, becomes the ultimate underdog in the process from start to finish from the way her character was written and favoring Sam.

Mateo will stay on with Lia but sooner it's Jethro who finds out his being the itinakda.   Strange he was not much in panic knowing about Mateo's being a vampire.  So ok the itinakda is more dangerous, of course we understand that Jethro stand.

Mateo and Lia finally consummates their intimacy and love. With the "traitor" tag hanging on now, guess who gets back to make life miserable once more for Lia,the straight antagonist Clarisse to provide the battle sparks hanging or just waiting to happen.

My views.  In the past, Angel plays the underdog later victorious heroine and is always at her best in victory.  Will this happen here?  Will the Imortal writers from now on make her character better developed henceforth?

Also we want the more natural drama approach.  Lia is an underdog quiet heroine, unassuming while intensity is not a problem especially in many Angel drama scenes, we want the kind of presentation along the lines of natural made for TV drama because the best scenes Angel owned those episodes and we want them again of course.

With Angel back and ceasing to be a bit player for this episode, I think I'm back making clearer reviews.

Angel's slimming down.  The happy note here for an Angel's fan is the signs are clear now that Angel's loosing weight.  We understand it's not to be an issue upon request but we can't help it.  But all the while we knew she'll be able to do it.

Now we hope she'll stay with it since her "My Amnesia Girl" stint doesn't lie.  She looks awesome there and much better with JL in that kind of weight.  They actually look perfect if Angel could have maintained that level. 

Anyway Angel's back getting there.  Now we don't need to pressure her.  She's still very pretty anyway even with the added weight.  But at her right weight level, you can't help but really be more appreciative of how great she really looks at her best, she's simply the best.

We do remember of course that first Imortal teaser, Angel was still at that weight level until nonstop taping and shooting for a movie perhaps took its toll.

Thanks to Angel too.  We know it's not easy to loose weight at a time when you have such a busy schedule but you're doing it for the fans.  Of course we know it's for yourself too.  We just want you to stay healthy all the time.  We always look out for you watching your projects.  So excited also for "Huling Sayaw", actually that's a better title than "Embrace Me" which sounds kinda weird.

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