Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 41

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 41 is here and did it meet my expectation?  What the whole episode was about are people looking for Mateo and Lia, and Mateo and Lia still coming to terms with each other.

Okay so the kiss somehow made things easier.  Lia can't just resist Mateo and tells him she still loves him but she needs more time and he needs to know those other things about her he doesn't know.  Of course Mateo doesn't care, he left even his adoptive father for Lia and nothing and no one is to stop him from being with Lia.  That was romantic yup but I didn't like the idea of always interspersed with the Mateo-Lia scenes are those scenes of Clarisse, Sam and Lucas all looking for Mateo and Lia.  I thought their scenes were unnecessarily prolonged when more viewing time could have been focused on Mateo and Lia to establish their relationship more.

After all, we didn't watch this episode to watch what's the latest about those other people looking for them.  For instance the buggers of Albert were shown quickly and we thought some of those searchers particularly the three - Clarisse, Sam and Lucas had prolonged scenes when the focus here should have been already on the two.  There's a real need to establish more the two lovers in conflict and less necessary is those repetitious Sam prolonged scene hypnotizing Dara because we know that already, perhaps to establish more the Sam-Clarisse conflict, them having this tension over the Mateo they want.  That was alright.

Sometimes there are scenes which should be short and we don't know why they need to prolong them when we can establish more events at the province with Mateo and Lia.  Well, we had Lia and Mateo kiss but Lia's still undecided and needs time. Mateo not getting what he wants, follows Lia to the woods where he climbs a tree, pretends to fall, and gets to hug a very worried Lia.

Then this little girl again who likes watching scary things.  Mateo tells her to be careful about taong lobos and we don't know why this in particular because really he actually saw Vampires in that encounter.   Okay this is all intentional so Lia gets hurt and she's about to tell Mateo, but they hold this one for the next episode.....bitin

All the while we get scenes of the three in the cast and Albert's men, all looking for Mateo and Lia, of course Simon in his sick bed also looking for Mateo.

Next episode.  Teasers and we finally see once again the teasers supposedly for this week's episodes, the lobo fight in the woods between Lia and Clarisse where Mateo sees Lia transform and then an encounter between Sam and Albert's men.  So we still need to wait what happens when Mateo finally see Lia transform. For me, that's the most interesting part so far.  Lia forever :) of course

Thoughts.  Oh before I forget, one of the fave scenes here is when Lia just leans her head on Mateo's shoulders and they're just hugging each other under the moon light.  Somehow Dara spices things up for the searchers but I still thought that was to drag the episode instead of more events with Mateo and Lia in the province, the scenes of Mateo and Lia still bitin for us :(

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