Saturday, November 27, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 40

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 40 and we find Mateo and Lia together but not exactly.  Well, Lia is still so hurt about Mateo's "plans" not to include her.  Yeah, they just started as a couple and yet Mateo is acting on his own, making plans without Lia...hmmm.

So everyone is looking for Mateo and Lia, and for a change we don't actually see Clarisse or Lucille in this episode and it's Rico Blanco's Lucas getting more scenes once more.  This time with Simon who had a mild stroke but intubated? and talking while intubated? okay if they showed this abroad and foreign viewers saw it...hmmm [i asked the writer if they have a researcher for Imortal to double check this kind of details, but looks like they don't have -nicky

Still without Clarisse we know how engaging John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin are, they've become such an acting pair they really look for real, although I'm not fond of LQ scenes but I'll take it as necessary at the moment.

Lia gets an intermission visit to her home to check on her adoptive family since she's also worried for them and when she returns this little girl daughter seems she's mute bacause she just pointed at Lia all dirty after returning from her transformation in the woods.  The girl saw Lia as a lobo entering the back portion of the house and when she comes out, it's her human form.

So for now, Mateo won't know yet about this "secret" and also it's implied this is another reason why Lia thinks it's not exactly a good thing to continue her relationship with Mateo aside from putting him in danger, then what, when he discovers she's a taong lobo.

Next week's teaser.  The teasers are actually very exciting, as Lia and Mateo return from hiding and I think or hope they made up already.  We see the much awaited kiss and let's see if it turns out well for them.

But Mateo makes this wrong decision to entrust his "secret" about Lia to Sam who finally "sees" Lia and discovers she's the girl of Mateo, "of all people".  Now we can add Sam to the list of scorned women of Mateo officially?  When Mateo doesn't even know yet Sam's hidden feelings for him, thinking she's just a caring friend.  [Mateo's harem hehe - nicky]

Then the fight scene of Lia and Sam but it's Sam who knows about Lia.  Will Lia soon find out about Sam? Since she's wearing that Ninja like wear, will Lia be able to remove her mask and see her face?

There are cute shots of Angel and JL where Mateo is fixing Lia's hair and they look sweet and caring, concerned about each other's safety.  That's when Mateo seeks the help of Sam to help protect Lia, big mistake.

Thoughts.  Although the story plots are moving, for instance it's just Mateo and Lia in hiding and Mateo doing all he can to convince Lia they can be a couple once again and of course, Lucille calling the merger off and Simon getting that mild stroke, only that for the last episode of the week.  Then showing all those exciting teasers which we don't know how long they finish it for the entire week.

Sure it's enough reason to watch Imortal because of Angel and we can patiently wait for how long they move the story plots.  It's funny, I've been hearing feedbacks from viewers we know.  They're really mad at Clarisse for what's happening now to Mateo and Lia. Well, the viewers will have to endure Mateo still trying to win back Lia unsuccessfully.  Viewers are so waiting for when Lia finally kisses and makes up with Mateo.

Imagine. it's been one entire episode for viewers to endure Lia still hurting over what Mateo's done so I guess everybody's really into it and hating Clarisse for all the waiting when Lia makes up with Mateo ordeal hehe and conveniently they didn't show Clarisse for this episode.

And by the way, I love the teasers of Angel in action mode again and the one with JL fixing her hair :D hope to see them soon, 'cmon writers just make us fans happy :biggrin: be nice.

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