Thursday, November 25, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 38

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 38 continues the scenes at the house of Dara with Mateo making it appear Sam is the "other" girl but of course Clarisse knows better than that.   Sam was just there looking out the window while Clarisse engages Mateo in another argument.   Strange she would not mention the name Lia just referring to her as the girl Mateo's obsessed with.

Again, attempts by Sam to extract information from Mateo who should be kept guarded all the time and good thing when it comes to Lia.  So far, no slip of the tongue yet, the way Sam's persistently finding out who this "girl" might be. I dunno but I think she almost knows it already.

In the meantime, Lia continues with her meeting with Jethro.  It seems Lia easily earns the trust of Jethro and even seems to believe that if Mateo and Lia become a couple, he will have a better time with his future telling abilities. Lia of course reveals her being a taong Lobo and tells Jethro his being a Gabay comes from a family line, although his dad doesn't want to hear any of it.

The writers wanting Lia and Jethro to have this nice light conversation while obvious stalker Tomahawk hairdo guy follows Lia all the way home and then gets heard again while parked just outside Abraham's, which Lia considers home.  Tomahawk foreign looking guy seems to be a cartoonish character if you ask me. I dunno if you like it that way so it kinda looks like Lia's heroine in her scenes with Jethro and this stalker is kinda for the kiddie fans for the overall effect to the show I dunno.  But nevertheless, Angel makes it look easy with her heroine charm always an advantage.  Well, they went already to begin with, starting off with Clarisse' character being caricaturish.

In the next scene, we have Clarisse fitting her wedding dress with Mateo trying on his tux as well while Lia's around as per Clarisse' wishes for her to "get her opinion" about the choice of wedding dress/suit.  Of course, we all know she's been at it trying to make Lia jealous for the nth time.  Mateo seems not to know again of Lia being there and another eye to eye look at each other, Mateo and Lia, follows.  Good acting chemistry always helps but I'm fine with them Nicks.  They look at each other and it always looks for real.

Lia excuses herself but Mateo runs to follow Lia instead of staying with Clarisse, making her so indignant for the nth time and in front of her friends who were around also for the look at the wedding dress but also to flaunt and embarrass Lia further or rather she invited friends to embarrass Lia yet again in front of her friends,as always bitching around but turns out its the other way around.  Another dramatic confrontation ensues outside when Mateo and Lia see eye to eye again this time just outside the shop with Clarisse made to look bad as Lia leaves Mateo with her.

In the meantime at Lucille's office, she and Albert (that's the name of her right hand guy) make plans to locate Magnus as they're able to sight a group of Vamps.  Unknowingly at first her desk has a "bugging" device underneath but she eventually discovers it and her secretary tells her it's only Lia who's been around her room lately.

So that's what we will be expecting as the hanging continuation for the next episode.  We have starters as Albert is ready to arrest Lia once more but this time Lia shows why she's not the same Lia anymore as she looks good dismantling the hench men and soon to follow is Albert.

Next episode.  Teaser time.  Lia's able to run away from them, talking to Abraham and Miriam and Nanay Tabs but this time Abraham advices her not to return home as it's dangerous to do so.

So I guess Lia's only recourse and how it's going to happen coincidentally because as Mateo returns to the shop with Clarisse he actually tells her the wedding's off.  With these recent developments, Lia on the run and Mateo the run away groom, they will once again need to be together.  But of course it's always the case that they are always brought together.  As Jethro says it's like destined to be together.

The teasers we'll see Lia and Mateo in that remote hide away and a girl actually seeing a Lobo and points to Lia being the taong lobo? but we know there's been a teaser also showing Clarisse transforming into a lobo right before Mateo.

So lets see if in the coming episodes, Mateo finds out about Lia being a taong lobo and of course that teaser earlier in the week where Lia is sensing danger as Clarisse transforms into a lobo, in the woods, looks like it's Lia to the rescue there.

Thoughts.  The last scene for episode 38 will be continued for the next episode and it's an exciting action scene for Angel who always executes them well and looks great doing them.

I hope some of these action suspense filled scenes aren't cut short because it looses the full effect or impact when they do it and Angel can do action sequences, unless ABS-CBN is reserving more for the drama rather than the action.  In that case, make the drama more compelling and engaging always.  We can't rely on just the dramatic realistic scenes executed by Angel and JL.  We need the story driven plots as well.  That's why we need also the right pacing so there's always this momentum going.

So it happens here that about half of the fight scene they show in this episode and half for the next or is it a cut short action scene we have? lets see next because later Lia is on a taxi already calling Abraham asking him what to do next.

There are enough scenes for this episode actually but the real events are still up next.  We needed to wait for the 3rd episode of the week before moving on to the more exciting events.  I dunno if that's a lot of slow mo pacing or what?

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