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Imortal: review of episode 37

Review written by: Angeladik

I have to start with episode 37 first, so here goes.  Mateo is now at home in Dara (his secretary)'s neighborhood with newfound "buddies", the ordinary "kanto" boys who drink but who some also are into carpentry, a common passion.

Sam is more than ever "hooked" and follows Mateo once again in the neighborhood.  Initially, she seems not to like, but with Dara's niece idolizing her fashion sense and style, it's not too difficult to integrate.  At first you'd think Mateo is beginning to trust Sam but do we sense the old Mateo schemer when he actually "pits" Sam and Clarisse when she gets her turn to check out the area?  Of course, this happens later.

Clarisse on the other hand is restless with still unanswered text messages to Mateo and Lucas for a change has just this scene with Clarisse for this episode (liking that very much).  Lucas is actually still around the Waya Inc. office trying to be close to Lia when Clarisse finds him there asking where Mateo is.  Clarisse finds out from Lucas that Mateo has resigned from Simon Landholdings so she threatens Mateo thru txt again about the bad that can happen to Lia, as usual.  Mateo is forced to answer her messages and that's when he drops over to pick up Clarisse for dinner.

While all these Mateo, Clarisse, Sam events are happening, Lia is busy with her laptop trying to contact Jethro thru his blog and getting a response.  Lia's still very much at the Waya Inc. office, actually waiting for Clarisse to leave.  It's getting late but Clarisse is still on her cell phone getting an answer from Mateo.  Finally, Clarisse leaves the office when Mateo picks her up.

This gives time for Lia to finally put the bugging device under mom Lucille's table when an overstaying restless Clarisse finally leaves the building.  As Clarisse leaves to join a pent up Mateo for dinner, Lia is finished with her "bugging" task and off to meet Jethro who agrees to finally meet her.

Yah the "big" foreign looking guy with the tomahawk? hair do?, Mateo's undercover guy to watch over Lia, follows Lia all the way to where she and Jethro were meeting, some outdoor baywalk? hangout?  There they talk about each other's dilemma and how they can help each other.  Lia also reveals to Jethro, she's a taong Lobo but not one he should be afraid of.  Of course he should know she's a safe, harmless character since he "sees" what's happening with her and Mateo and now Clarisse, been seeing vampires and taong lobos as well.  Lia, lobo senses sharpened perhaps or the smell of durian as they mentioned, and notices "tomahawk hairdo" guy. [for a stalking job, can't they find a nondescript guy? ..he is too distinctive hehe but they can transform him into vampire since he can look fierce ..haist i miss lyndon ...they should have killed tom instead of him so that there's someone to rattle Sam to spice up the lives at the world of team sangre's too bland at present -nicky]

Before we forget, even before Clarisse would later join Mateo to visit his newfound hang out place, Simon finds him there and we know by now how his company is in very bad shape without Mateo.  Yet again the issue to threaten Mateo, Lia has to be dragged as a blackmail, unknowing to all of them, Lia has become a more powerful Lobo still to unleash more powers.

Finally, after a not so interesting, bargaining dinner, Mateo brings Clarisse to the "neighborhood" telling her this is his new-found hang out place and she doesn't like it at all. Now going to Dara's house (Mateo now you're putting Dara in danger of loosing her job), we see Sam there and conveniently Mateo holds Sam's hands in front of Clarisse, yet to build another tension between the two. Gauging at how Mateo intentionally meant it that way, most likely in getting both pitted against each other might help spare Lia even if in some sort of way.

You know Sam was kinda getting too nosy about Mateo possibly having another girl other than Clarisse.  So in a way, Mateo might be trying to make Sam perhaps believe she's that other girl.  Nice one Mateo to keep Lia safe from more dangerous would be attackers.

Next episode.  Moving on to the teaser, it's action packed Lia with Lucille's main guy (what's his name?) Lucille's right hand sort of guy.  Lia's bugging device under Lucille's desk table is discovered and immediately it's Lia being the one and only suspect.  We find nice action moves and a "running" Lia.  That's pretty exciting to watch out for.

Then when do we see the other teaser where Mateo meets up with Lia in some remote place and Clarisse too around? transforming into a Lobo in front of Mateo? are we seeing all these this week?

Thoughts on Lia-Jethro tandem.  Like I said, one of Angel's natural charms is she looks even cuter the younger her co-actor in the scene is.  Perhaps it also helps Dino Imperial (Jethro) has this wide eyed young, fresh vibe about him so they actually look cute in their scenes...if you've watched more Angel tv series back at GMA she regularly interacts with child actors and its a big reason actually why Angel's well loved by kids not only becoz of the fantasy characters she's played

Angel is so versatile, perhaps because still we see she has this young, fresh spirit so anytime you make her interact with child actors or actors like Dino I. who's probably in his late teens or early 20s just guessing but who still has this very young, fresh vibe about him.

Angel Locsin and her leading men.  Sam Milby if you notice is like a kid also a lot so they were really cute together in Only You.  I think the fans notice it.  Both Sam and Angel can look hot and oozing with that sexy appeal but at the same time have this kinda kid in them, much like cute young lovers.  It's a charming mix actually.  I've always seen it, something they shared.  That's why the chemistry is so ripe for a romcom with light drama.   A good story driven script can mix romance with light fun stuff and they can actually do a charming romantic movie as well, not exactly romcom, but still they can do that.

With Sam it was easy to be convinced, and yes Richard Gutierrez too particularly in "Mulawin - the TV series" where their chemistry was at their best and later in the movie LTLB (Let the love begin) to my mind the freshest of all their romantic movies. I thought GMA could have done better and taken the cue from that one to make even better romantic movies.  The chemistry was physically instant and I always thought even if I liked the physical dynamics of Richard Angel more, but the personalities of Sam and Angel had that fun cute vibe as an added attraction that was so effortless and alike.

With Piolo Pascual, I thought the physical part was really there, but there's something stiff or perhaps with an older leading man, it takes some fun away really because it's so evident too with Diether Ocampo.  I dunno because perhaps Angel has this young, cute vibe about her and when paired with an older actor, it's kind of dampened a bit so we don't see the sparks we see when she's with a younger actor.

I hope with Aga this doesn't happen. I've seen enough Aga old movies on cable I think and although he really looks older now compared to his younger years, he's got this forever young charming persona and as long as he doesn't loose it, he will still be fine pairing with younger leading ladies, well I hope.

The thing with John Lloyd Cruz here in Imortal is he plays a kind of serious guy, unlike his recent romcom movies, so its a test for him but as far as I'm concerned I think Angel and JL were able to pull of their romantic scenes perhaps one of those memorable would have to be the sofa scene.  We have to agree they are both a great acting team. Angel brings out something else from JL and vice versa.

But honestly from a fan, the easiest and most effortless to watch for me was Sam and Angel. It could have been Richard and Angel of course, looks wise, they were still very young, so Angel was at her prime particularly in Mulawin on TV and LTLB if only Richard had more as an actor.

But acting wise Angel has to be at her best here with JL although with Dennis Trillo. Angel has actually been good too. Well, Dennis lacked that builit and height so it's been a disadvantage for a leading man.  Sometimes they just look cute together but it looks less of the romantic thing.

I dunno I'm just observing.  Angel has those fine features so her best looking pairings so far are with actors who have the same.  JL is kinda not in the mold of Richard, Sam and Piolo not that he is less attractive but lets say the former ones really have more of the model looks?  But their acting I think is what drives Angel and JL's chemistry on screen and its a very good combination actually.  Would you agree? [character wise in the story i don't have an issue ...but in terms of 'kilig' i don't get much of it perhaps because JL has this old soul aura or if he was a girl i would call it spinsterish vibe ..marian rivera used to have that pre-marimar days but she was able to reinvent herself ...JL has tried doing the same and at some degree there is an  improvement compared to his "tabing ilog" days but a hint of it is still there ..i still see him largely as a dramatic actor i guess -nicky].

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Anonymous said...

yeah Lyndon was that kind of guy for Team Sangre who could provide that know like the riot and conflicts of Team Waya..

about John Lloyd yeah it was very evident Tabing Ilog days but he actually reinvented himself when he did those romcom movies with Sara, who did this fresh, young spirited girl for Cathy Garcia Molina