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Imortal: review of episode 30

Review written by: Angeladik

On with episode 30.  I think I enjoyed this one the most so far of all the episodes I dunno and I'm not in particular more inclined to just romantic scenes,  actually i like a combo of everything.  Why? because finally the whole time and up to episode 29 I felt Imortal's always "Bitin" and somehow here we got what we wanted and in just the right dose.  In a way, a fan of the loveteam would have wanted more but the show still has a long way to go and I know we will be having more of Mateo Lia in later episodes.  This is so good enough at least for now.

That I feel is sometimes missing in Imortal - the continuity for the episodes.  Sometimes, it's always "Bitin" so a viewer's never really satisfied.  It should not be like that all the time but rather interspersed with episodes where viewers are fully or almost satisfied.

Now back to the episode.  Let's start with the rooftop.  Smile.  Okay these things romantic scenes Angel Locsin's been always good at I think, but the bonus here is probably among the leading men Angel's worked with, so far John Lloyd Cruz makes me satisfied because he can really engage Angel.

So back to the rooftop scene and what did we expect another Kissing Scene yeah but I thought the first was way more passionate, this one the abbreviated version.  It's alright they're still cute

This episode is not lacking in more "intimate" scenes although its all for GP so everybody can have their "kilig" thrills and have that light feeling and smile since yeah it's so alright to be in love despite all odds :biggrin: like how many times did they kiss here and after Lia would say "no" to later succumb to yet another one.  Let's count:
  1. After the rooftop and Lia said its not right and all.
  2. Mateo brings her home and Lia once more says that's it, that's the last and she was crying just outside the gate of their house and Mateo driving away and recounting his "encounters" with Lia, turns back to return to Lia's home and still finding her just outside the gate to continue yet another kiss.
  3. The next is they find each other enjoying each other's company on the sofa chair...hehe.  It's just Lia putting up her legs comfortably pleated so it's so GP but you get the point how they really care for each other and Nanay Tabs making that wink of a smile there ;) while Mateo looks so lovingly to at Lia then she gives us that big smile, one of the highlights of course of this episode :biggrin: she's so happy and Mateo is too.  Lucky guy!

Mateo's back home to meet an angry Simon and revealing something bad was going to happen to Lia.  Why he's so furious after Mateo stood up on their anniversary party and embarrassed Simon in front of everybody including the all important "deal" with the Zaragosas and Clarisse.

So next is the abduction of Lia again it's just outside the gate of their home.  Simon actually revealing it to Mateo and when he reaches Lia's home he was just right on time or put it more correctly Simon said something bad was happening to Lia if Mateo sticks with her and that's when he sped away to the rescue.

Turns out Mateo gets beat at the first chance and it's Lia who easily puts down the abductors while almost transforming...Lobo eyes there...good thing BFF was around to temper Lia as she was furious seeing Mateo getting the first beating.  No more oppurtunity there for Mateo to redeem himself and Lia was so fast to react and easy as pie for her too knocking them down.  Good thing BFF prevailed and prevented Lia from transforming full blown otherwise Mateo and the abductors would see her become a lobo.

BFF and Nanay Tabs were both around all the while of course and quickly volunteered they would surrender to them who claimed they were authorities of some sort cant figure that part out.  So both accompanied Lia with the "authorities" preventing Mateo to come along but nevertheless he trailed their vehicle taking his pickup but lost them too.

The two, BFF and Nanay Tabs, were later made to leave Lia with no choice and Simon telling Mateo after reporting to the real police of the incident.  Later we find Lia released but it's probably after Mateo agrees to Simon who told him the abduction was courtesy of the Zaragosas and Lia would be released if Mateo agrees to get engaged to Clarisse.

Next episode.   That I think is the reason why the teaser had Lia surprised when Mateo said he's now engaged to Clarisse. We have to find out if that's the "trade off", that Lia won't be harmed in exchange for that engagement.

In another teaser scene Lia finally engages Clarisse in a "battle" at the office coffee room.  Will Lia fight for her man this time?

Then we see Sam again here as she and Lia almost had a brushed aside scene with her thinking its Lyka. Why are you wrong again?

These are the three big scenes to watch out for for the next week episodes.  Which happens first?  All of them exciting are possiblities since both adversaries will soon find out about Lia - Clarisse that she's transformed indeed and Sam who let's say is closing in on finding Lia.

Not to forget and most important for "kilig" fans is what's the next step for Mateo and Lia?  You mean it's so shortlived their BF-GG relationship which just officially started? is off?  That explains the scene where a mad Lia trains hard or she's just really training hard and this time Lyka is not the only incentive to exonerate mom but to fight for her man who might need to sacrifice himself for Clarisse if Lia just allows the brat to get away with having Mateo for herself.

This time Lia looks dangerous aside from faster and slicker looking like a really mean Lobo.  Mad at Mateo thinking he's given up on her? or mad at Clarisse for having her way?  All this will be answered next week.

The last scene of Sam and Lia I think will be the last for next week and will be the next next weeks episode.

Two thumbs up for episode 30.  For this episode, none of the lesser distracting actors.  Both JL and Angel spicing up the entire episode all to themselves with nice support from BFF and Nanay Tabs and Simon, who is really bad guy here providing all the bad that's needed.  We hardly saw any other cast for this one and because the presentation for this episode is compact and our leads so good and charming, my most enjoyable to watch after a while :cool: thanks for that.

I think that's because this time the writers choose to concentrate on the most important characters of the series and it made the presentation more compact as a result.  Sometimes too many cast members shown in one episode makes it look "scattered" in spite what I'm sure your insider will tell you that the other cast are part of the series.

Yes, I understand that but sometimes writers also need to realize who the main characters are.  When they concentrate too much on other cast members to highlight their stories then it's tackling too much, thus the "scattered" effect.

Sometimes it's a bad habit of local series.   Now of course we can always give other cast their own shows if they need to highlight some other actors but not in a series where it's JL and Angel who should be in most of the scenes.  The story should flow with these two, moving with them.

There's more to entertainment and viewing pleasure than just making viewers always 'bitin' so I guess for this episode they finally gave in to fan's favorite wish.

"Bitin" episodes.  The bad part is recurring "Bitin" episode which to me, I mean you need variety too so if all the time a viewer has this feeling then that only means writing needs to loosen up a bit and use some variety in style.  You can't have viewers always bitin every episode.  That means they're always wanting for more and even if that's supposed to be good, it should not be always just like that.

How about the crappy 1st three episodes of the week?  No more of that please.  If not mistaken, I think those were the worst 3 episodes of the entire series so far.

When you have little Angel then that's the worst that can possibly happen.

More scenes of Angel.  As you pointed out to while Imortal is not only about the JL and Angel and yeah I'm gulity of wanting to see Angel each TVC gap and when I don't, I go what the!!! "they cant be serious" frustration

I will say it again and again that I watch mainly because of Angel so I think for me at least the challenge for the writers is when I will not have that feeling every time Angel's MIA in some gaps.  Meaning I guess the show's really caught my fancy although on the other hand I'm not a big fan of Twilight or any of those Vampire or even Werewolf series.

Well I have to admit watching Angel's really the main attraction so when she's not there perhaps even if I started liking the show the natural thing for me is frustration and worse even start hating the show if Angel's not there.

Angel's leading men.  You know my feelings about leading men.  They have to look good with Angel first but when they can be at par with Angel particularly in scenes they share like romantic scenes, then it's better although guilty of watching Angel more unless its Brad Pitt hehe which sometimes I wished he were younger and Angel would pair with him in Hollywood with Angel looking drop dead gorgeous at having her best fab bod.

But I like Richard Gutierrez's pairing with Angel although wishing he had more depth acting wise.  I think he matches looks wise the best with Angel but with JL the acting is there and they're on the same plain so it's more satisfying knowing her co-star can do more with her.

Comments on Angel.  I know I'm kinda more fan of Angel more than anything but I try to be objective also for the show so when some criticism for Angel might be needed, I feel the need to mention them because I believe no one should ever feel he/she doesn't need to improve even how good they are.  We know the reason Angel's become this good, well the raw talent had always been there, because of her hard working attitude at being better all the time.

Yeah, surely I think Angel will take some objective observations not only about the craft aspect where she's really become so good here in Imortal, but with the appearances too because it's a pity for someone really beautiful not to pay close attention to it. I mean why bother being in showbiz if you don't realize it's a show.  Meaning you have an audience and you'll be closely scrutinized and well we know Angel can influence viewers so much, gain a lot of respect in and we know its not only her craft and looks.  She's a very influential person because of her un-showbiz simple ways in spite being dragged in showbiz publicities, forgiven because it's part of her work requirements we know.  [i agree angel should pay close attention to her appearance and should not leave everything to the network ..she can hire a personal stylist who will attend to this details that she has already a following internationally because of Lobo, there is a big probability that Imortal will be  syndicated as well in various countries ...and let's face it,  appearance matters a lot in entertainment world - nicky]

*note: my apologies angeladik, will post photos later since my previous scaps got lost when my pc crashed ...has to do errand first hehe

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