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Imortal: review of episode 28

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 28.  Finishing off the parking lot scene.  First, Simon pays Lia a visit like I previously mentioned to offer money so she avoids his two "sons."  Some nice dramatics there with Nanay Tabs giving Simon the slap, fierce, she was protecting Lia she cares for her like a daughter.

Then Mateo visits Lia, some nice drama for Angel and John Lloyd Cruz there but there's where my complaint is because all the while Angel really has this great chemistry with JL they have to distract the observant viewer by showing some not so flattering body parts when they were so fine showing Angel's face and upper body, like was that so intentional?

It's actually happened in the aftermath of the Clarisse "kill" when Lia just fixed herself the camera focused on her waist, the back part and even if she looked better in that wear, its too obvious they closed up that area although quickly I didn't think it was necessary becoz Lia's wounds were not even there.

Now let me see there's a camera guy perhaps who's doing this?  I dunno if Direk is even aware because if they do editing then it's not even supposed to be a needed shot.  So much for getting good camera angles.  It's good Angel really looks prettier now that's all I have to say :|

Angel and JL complement each other well not only physically but acting wise too.  I think JL is the first big time actor who can really match well with Angel and me not noticing inadequacies acting wise from her actor co-star in spite the uptight role of JL here.  The chemistry is really there particularly because both have this youthful glow so they look cute and kilig.

Now enter Rico Blanco, Lucas who from the time of that "scene" I think my more understanding stance towards his being the choice just vanished.  Call me judgmental but I think he was at his best there in the earlier parts.

Besides in character roles, more is demanded of you, so the nice guy role he did earlier was fine.  With character role he's required to do more and somehow I don't know maybe because "character"requires more and maybe he's not yet at that level.

Missing for this episode is Mirriam or BFF (got her name finally Erika Padilla) and her dad Abraham. 

In the other "scenes", we have Clarisse and Lucille in many, one where Clarisse confronts her mom upon finding out about the threat of the Vampires and hiding it from the rest of the Lobos.  Nice one for V.V. to redeem herself and in most of her scenes here actually.

Okay there are some more.  Mateo and Lucas scenes becoming more tense but really where's the rivalry there?  RB looks really old in later scenes now with Mateo. It's as if the moody not smiling anymore Lucas aged fast when he doesn't smile.

Sam and Magnus.  As the story progresses, also for Sam and Tom.  I thought that was a good scene for both of them as they shared so many scenes together and both seem unable to hit the mark.  Sometimes its the natural flow of the story also when their roles are made more interesting when the actors are able to deliver.  Perhaps Magnus redundant nagger father role is becoming boring it needs to level up too.  Because when Sam started to question Magnus, it definitely did wonders to her more lets look gorgeous all the time camera handling and full make up scenes.  Now I think they really are taking care of her here looks wise. 

I meant Maricar as Sam there because for a while there you'd think why ABS-CBN is making sure she has the best makeup and camera angles in this series but her acting is wanting with her boring dialogues with the vampire ensemble.

But now looks like she's now also interested in Mateo as Mateo likewise still pursuing her because of what he can "learn" from her.  This of course sets the tone for the future rivalry of Lia and Sam and its already implied Mateo might be part of that

Unnecessary less flattering camera angles of Lia.  We know now why perhaps that's what they meant by having to make Angel not only look simple but unnecessarily less flattering at times, like it's intentional ABS-CBN wants to talk about Angel's weight with those unnecessary shoots. That was glaringly obvious in the aftermath of the Clarisse "kill" where we also see Clarisse made to look much better to Lia's fearful scampering.

Is a fan complaining here about some subtle hidden motives on the part of who?  Is ABS-CBN really making sure Angel's taken cared of in this series?

The Mateo-Lia scene we see a controlled Angel when she blurted her admission that she's in love with Mateo.  The craft surely was taken cared of no question but like we both agree on, let's be more consistent here. The simplest girl role in the series?  Yes perhaps but when you show Vangie L. always dressed up and flattering actually for her then it doesn't make sense that she loves Lia like a daughter to allow her to have not have her taste.

To think Lyka is her mom, a fashion designer.  Why is it just Lia here they want to look the simplest or is it Angel?  Please help me answer this.  Looking good is noticeable with Korean TV series even less than flattering looks of some of their actresses still are visually alright because they wear the best possible flattering clothes.

Nope, Angel's background or her real life fashion sense should not be a hindrance if indeed there's a budget for production. So okay they have the excuse that Lia is a simple girl. No, I dont buy that. Why?  Because Lia is being taken cared of in spite of her present situation in the Waya and Lobo kingdom.

I won't mind if perhaps BFF or Nanay Tabs didn't dress up well but imagine her Nanay Tabs is always "dressed up."  You mean these two ladies of the house allow Lia to look like that when they love and support her that much...hmmm.

Here in episode 28 we see Lia wearing that sports gear type which is I think a fave getup of Angel as I've seen that wear in previous shows.  That was just so fine when she didn't add some pounds.  But based on the episode, I'm a real avid fan but there it's obvious she's gained a bit. Actually the arms look alright there but the middle portion I thought was not Angel at her best.  She's gained some and the pastels don't help even if she's really pretty in pink.

I can't figure out too why the camera angle had to show those unflattering parts when they could conveniently show her just her upper body and face which is all that's needed in those home scenes considering most of them were dialogues and drama.

About the close up camera angles of Angel's face, lets just say Angel really looks pretty in Imortal.  Sometimes I'm even thinking the added weight might actually have helped because her face doesn't look that big but she's really become prettier IMO because of the added weight. I dunno if you agree with me or I just like her fairer complexion nowadays...hehe well I actually like her best tanned but not the darker morena color she has when sunburnt...that's just me ;)

I didnt mind at all about Christian B. even if I find him too skinny but since he's tall and has cute chinito features like Angel they actually look good too so Christian B. as third wheel there was ok even if mostly Christian just smiles hehe [i suppose you are referring here to the Mano Po movie which I still have to watch :) - nicky]

Good performance from all cast except for Rico and Jake.  Overall, Angel had good dramatic scenes again with Simon and then Mateo, she had less but its refreshing to see some others pick up here.  Like you said there are other cast members.  V.V. scenes with Clarisse way better, Tom scenes with Sam getting the needed lift thanks to the situationer, only RB is the one slipping.  The other competent supporting cast are uniformly competent and Vangie L. stole this episode with that Simon slap! :P  I could even see the red mark on Johnny R.'s tisoy fair skin :P  Thanks Nanay Tabs for doing that for Lia ;)

The last actor not stepping up yet has to be Jake Roxas.   I dunno maybe the cold stance makes it more difficult for him to show off? because it's so natural to Simon who's always cold and cunning.  I dunno much about Johnny Revilla's acting credentials but confidence is never short for sure and he knows how to deliver.

Next episode.  So on with the very exciting teaser for episode 29 where finally ABS-CBN makes Angel look like they finally called up the stylist for Angel.  Isn't it pretty obvious why you dont need to do much on her. Angel looks so gorgeous in the Simon party scene wearing what simple yet classy makeup. I think she was in a tailor suit and mini dress and looks like the stylist was made available for the lead actress, at last! After a long spell of not so flattering home clothes.

And I tell you even if JL was there, Angel really looked so beautiful even a non fan will tell ya. Mateo surely is a lucky man there.  Sometimes i find it puzzling why they can make Angel look so beautiful and classy in simple but tasteful makeup but they don't do it?

They just did but one episode then the next she's wearing those clothes.  Did you notice she was even sweating in that highlight scene with JL, the hair did you notice?  No retouch for the hair? Why I was wondering why her hair's seen disheveled?  [since we can't trust ABS-CBN in taking good care of Angel, perhaps she can hire a personal stylist herself to attend to those details ...Gel has an image to protect and there is a difference between de-glamorizing when a role calls for it and unnecessarily not looking your best due to lack of attention -nicky]

So there for episode 29, it looks like ABS-CBN made a nice episode because Mateo and Lia are going to kiss again.  Well we know how kilig that looked from the teaser and how beautiful Angel is for Simon's party (intentional?) ;)  So finally the stylist had to be present while for drama scenes Angel had to look like she just came from a gym workout still sweating.  So dont blame me for being sarcastic :/

Consuelo de bobo as they say after the all the waiting an Angel fan has to endure for two episodes then this last one where Angel had only one location for the entire episode...but we need more Angel!


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