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Imortal: review of episode 27

Review written by: Angeladik

If Angel Locsin's fans like me missed Angel (Lia) in episode 26, then episode 27 is yet another one of those.  Episode 27 has Lia in training although the moves there kind of presented like Lia is still lame.  Well, part of the script that she's not smooth yet but for a fan well okay we have to wait when they make Lia look good.

Then a scene where Lia misunderstood Abraham.  I really didn't like that script that Lia had to react that way to her overheard conversation between another trusted Waya of Abraham.

Scenes without Angel for this episode where more.  More Sam plots to find out if Clarisse is the "tinakda" and Clarisse and Mateo scenes together too. Well, right there at the parking lot Sam quickly discovers Clarisse can't be Lyka's daughter and then saves Mateo from what could have been a sure bite from one of her vampire henchmen.  More Lucas too this time with Mateo and secretary making us wait if indeed secretary might spell out Lia's name as the "girl" Mateo likes.

This episode is about Sam and Lucas actually but the part I don't like is why we didn't see Angel again most of the time.  I mean Nicks okay they want to show also the other cast but why is it also necessary that Angel has less scenes in the process?   Fan is a fan and again it's not one of those episodes.  I have to be honest it's still Angel I most want to see here.

Okay so there's a scene where Simon had pix taken of Lia and Lucas in that "scene" nothing really there to even make Mateo jealous but the writers implying it might be a cause for Mateo's jealousy?

Okay Nicks I know we agree on many things and among these things is Angel deserves a passable looker for the other leading man or third wheel and Rico Blanco (Lucas) doesn't at all fit the bill.

Now hoping episode 28 won't be less of Angel yet again.

Angel Locsin playing godmother.  It's obvious too many times in Angel's career she had to be exploited and play godmother to some wannabee actors wanting to become leading men by playing their romantic interest even if as third wheel.  Oh and we also know the exploitation was even made "real" at least as far as publicities are concerned.

The good thing about RB is he doesn't need to have this with Angel at least so yeah its not as exploitative but then like I said is it really good for his cool rock star image?  Okay to be fair perhaps that's the last "scene" and the more likely is his role will get into character were hopefully he'll stay on course and still do okay [quite frankly i'm not familiar with his rock star status and the first time i saw him sing was in that Imortal's trade launch and he didn't impress me i can say i don't know RB at any level ^_^ -nicky]


Maricar shines as Sam. While it's very obvious Maricar Reyes' role (Sam) is really cut out for her to make her shine, even the way it's been subtle about her growing concern for Mateo.  She's not an all out baddie here and plays a sort of "heroine" actually in some sort of way.

Her scenes with John Lloyd Cruz (Mateo) they made sure its all just suggestive which we wanted since being like a lost sibling having a "similar" experience as Mateo, so now she's become the "friend" something RB enjoyed for a while with JL until Angel had to be the cause of their conflict.


Talented stylist for Lia needed.  In a way if you analyze all this, Angel's not exactly made to look good here so I beg to disagree with ABS-CBN taking care of her for the fans and with regard to aesthetics while Angel looks pretty especially in that last scene of the teaser at the party of Simon. Yeah I like that simple classy look there.

But if you notice even in her scenes with her BFF who's all dolled up even in home scenes, Angel's wearing much less make up than the rest of the cast and wearing the most simple clothes which is unusual given the wardrobe of even Nanay Tabs.

Notice when Lucas visits her in that forgettable scene [the stolen kiss - nicky].  While Lucas is wearing full executive gear, Lia is just wearing a plain shirt and short that's not even fancy looking.   Look even if she were just adopted by Abraham how could it be that his daughter is all dressed up and Lia who we know he takes care of like his own wears ordinary house clothes.  [perhaps Gel can bring her own stylist and request sponsorship from Folded and Hung posted in the chatbox, kim hyun joong takes his own stylist in filming/shooting and he is a male - nicky]

Okay, lets make an assessment of Angel because I've seen her more than you dating back to GMA network.  Angel despite her now financial and star status has this penchant to wear the simplest clothes and I think fans loved watching her in LTLB (Let the Love Begin), I think her most successful movie to date and it was their first too as romantic loveteam with Angel because GMA made sure she didn't get away wearing simple clothes in that movie except for some where I thought the fashion sense was not there.  I remember that movie as possibly one where she got to wear chic clothes throughout the movie and appropriately because she played the rich spoiled girl there to Richard's poor tisoy guy. [yeah, gel admitted in previous interviews she was tomboyish growing up which you mentioned may have been influenced by her Dad who solely raiser her -nicky]

Like you've previously discussed a few posts ago, viewers look for aesthetics as well not only craft and that's more reason why you love your Korean idols because part of it is making the fans happy when they look their best.

There are more chic home clothes actually to Angel's choice home wear for this series but it seems the wardrobe people here forgot about Angel a bit or she's intentionally allowed to wear home-wear like that? Why even Nanay Tabs wears more makeup than Lia if you notice.

Angel's just lucky she still looks young and in spite the weight gain which I have to agree it might not be as much but still obvious and I think it could help if they made her wear more flattering wear. I am sure they have stylists for the show and remember Angel as Lia is still a Waya here despite the demotion and her being adopted by a nice family too.

If Angel wears what she's comfortable with, it's alright I guess in real life but for a role where she's not exactly poor then there are wardrobe consultants supposedly taking care of this.  It has to be said since you pointed out aesthetics.  Just look at the last scene at Simon's party.  Now that's the "do" we want them doing on Angel because she's so pretty and youthful and if you have a BFF who's always made up you wonder why Lia doesn't even have some fashion sense at home in particular.

Its glaringly noticeable, Angel's stylist must be different from the rest of the cast and her slight weight gain has nothing to do with it because for instance in that last scene for the teaser at Simon's party Angel looks not only very pretty but classy as well.  It's as if the stylist of the show finally was made to work on Angel.

They've been showing a lot of those shorts and shirt combo at home recently and really even Lia's hair sometime I thought looked a bit disheveled.  Aesthetically maybe it helps Angel is actually pretty and it's not hard to make sure she gets good camera closeups but to say she's taken cared of here there I might disagree.

Yup there are scenes she's made to wear nicer clothes but it's not consistent unlike other cast members who are always dressed up. Notice the men too and part of the JL look is he's always well dressed in most if not all scenes.

Imagine Lia wearing so ordinary clothes while Lucas is all dressed up in that "scene".  Now here's a fan complaining again and less scenes for the lead actress is not good for a real fan because whatever they say the other characters have to be given focus we believe Angel doesn't need less scenes to do that.

We thought Imortal was an expensive series.  Well, can't they put more budget for a stylist for Angel?  It's no excuse actually in spite the slight weight gain.   Fact is there are scenes where Angel wears that tight fitting dress and her full body you can still she she's a shapely woman.  It's a matter of wearing those clothes that look good on her.

But the problem in particular for me is the home wear besides shorts and simple shirt we can do some variation can we? like how about pedal pushers perhaps.  I mean BFF has more variety with her home clothes.  Oh was it really intended that way to emphasize how miserable Lia is?  But we know her adoptive family takes care of her.

So hopefully Angel won't be allowed to get away with too simple clothes here. Angel deserves a talented stylist to work with her and all the time not only for some scenes.  Remember her Lia is still a Waya here and taken cared of by Abraham and if even Nanay Tabs is never seen in simple home clothes so does Lia, please be consistent.  Imagine we are talking about the lead actress here!

By  the way, we want to see something more favorable scenes for Angel here.  Cmon the mere fact that Mateo and Lucas are now soon to be mortal enemies is not at all good.  Fan wise it's making Lia look bad and side by side with this devevelopment Angel's made to wear those too ordinary clothes more often. Well lets say its contradictory...tsk tsk

Two fashionable men are after one gal with not too nice fashion sense?  Now tell me I'm getting exaggerated again but think about it. It's not at all too difficult to make Angel look pretty and classy all the time.  If she lacks fashion sense then don't allow her to get away with it in the series.

Again and again the last scene at Simon's party. Angel looks so pretty and classy there yet she still had simple makeup.  So how about more of that? and please if they can't make sure about her hair being disheveled then Angel looks so pretty with her hair in a ponytail so that would be better.

Well I'm wondering though how come her hair sometimes looks like it needs some fixing here. I noticed one scene from the parking area where Maricar's hair looked like she was in a fashion shoot with some air effect blowing there and yeah BFF always has curls and why not even Clarisse wears clothes that flatter her best assets not to mention the men here.  It's only poor Angel and we know she's an underdog for now but please its not the role anymore.

With that I'm done with my whining ... 

By the way, since Imortal showed I noticed the sales of H&S went up and I like the new Itchy Scalp commercial but I hate it that they don't show it often when we want to see it more :/  Yeah this time too it's in almost all the variants :glad:

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