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Imortal: review of episode 26

Review written by: Angeladik

Okay here we go with episode 26 which for an Angel Locsin's fan I hate to say this...but why did they confine her to just the intro of the story!  tsk tsk that's the problem with Imortal.  I mean we as fans watch Imortal mainly to watch Angel but all she did for this episode is finish the last episode and well finally to answer if RB and Angel look good as screen lovers then the answer is a resounding NO!

I don't like to be any near cruel but the attempted Kiss of Lucas, he looked like a Maniac there taking advantage.  Aside from Angel looking younger than him nope once he "lost" his good guy thing going for him, it didn't help that he doesn't really look anywhere near appealing on screen enough to be Angel's other leading man. [we're soul mates here angeladik hehe -nicky]

hehe the next program's other lead actor Rafael Rosel even if older than Angel would have been much better but yeah Imortal needs to be the program to give exposure to those who need it.  Well, he needs it in the acting department.  Wrong scene and that one scene now I'm back complaining.  To begin with, he was just alright as a "friend" so please no more attempts at making Rico Blanco even the other romantic leading man because he doesn't fill the bill and will be better off staying in character roles...ok!!  [amen to that! -nicky]

Now the much better scene would have to be Mateo and Sam who although sometimes Maricar Reyes looks a bit more sophisticated and more mature than John Lloyd Cruz, the scenes were classy the kind we would prefer for the JL-Maricar scenes because if ABS wants Maricar to stay classy then no man-chasing attempts.  Let's leave it to all out kontrabida Nina Dolino.

Well, the entire episode was almost all about Mateo and Sam going to the hospital yet again and to the birthday for Mateo's secretary's niece.  They created that kinda almost mysterious mood and there were times you'd think they were making a go of Mateo and Sam but no the scenes actually set the tone for Clarisse "exposing" herself unnecessarily to the Vampires.  [noticed here that the secretary didn't remember telling Mateo about the niece birthday because she just uttered it softly to herself which Mateo heard from the other room, another manifestation of vampiric power similar to Lyka's pre-lobo transformation - nicky]

This time Maricar comes into her own as she's not made to share difficult awkward scenes with her two other co-star vampires.  JL plays the "lost boy" almost falling prey to Sam's sly tricky ways.  Well, you're intentionally made to hold your breath he won't.  Then in the last scene, where Clarisse out of nowhere just popped up turns out she's been looking for Mateo.  This time the brat looked more under Sam's spell herself as she even proudly introduces herself as Mateo's date.  Big Mistake!

And that's all there is to episode 26.  Running out of episodes?  So instead of having the teaser which frankly should be continuous with this episode, we move back to Lia this time serious in training after really feeling the pain of her maltreatment.  That's the intro scene actually which would lead her to get serious in training and you have to wait this entire episode to see the effect of her almost getting killed by Clarisse.

Intro Scene. Okay let's discuss the intro scene.  After getting unconscious, we see Lia's wound heal and Clarisse even gets the Look from her mom Lucille when she announced there would be no more problems with Simon because she "took care of business herself."

The wound healing of course was super fast only a rare powerful Lobo could have and Lia finally understands how much of a weakling she's become, allowing her to be maltreated to the point that she'd be killed without hesitation.  We remember Mateo even scolding her for that, but what can she do at that time.  Only now they better watch out.

The thing we hope to see next too, is perhaps all the while Clarisse thought she's finished off Lia? because it might be a shock once she learns she's become well instead of dead.  But I have a suspicion Lia might go in hiding although we remember she didn't want her Nanay Tabs to know about the her blood soaked clothes and that she was crying.  It was Lucas who was there at that time as a shoulder to cry on and that's when he made his malicious attempt.

NO to Lucas-Lia Romance.  Nope sharing a tender scene with RB felt awkward because RB didn't have the leading man looks so it looked kinda off yuck.  Nicks talk about ABS taking care of Angel.  Why can't they give her Rafael R. at least as other leading man like I said RB was good but only as a "friend" once romantic took over, nope.

If direk wants RB's acting career well taken cared off, they better chose his roles.  Stick to where he looks good no Maniac attempts.  In spite of his looks, RB can act cool but let's say they should avoid certain things, that way he stays cool.  I remember Ryan E. in Lobo, a brother to Geoff in spite of being Lyka's "kuya", he didn't really look off because the approach to his role was he really respected Lyka and he was like this mad scientist who had feelings for Lyka.

Oh well, if Direk wants RB to stay cool better check his roles well and not attempt anything that's not going to help.  See where my nice words for him earlier in the series went, just becoz of this scene?  So fans will be fans and we know if they want to take care of Angel, then it's about who they pair her with too and you know it happened before although RB is way cooler than that wannabee actor son.

Not a Favorite Episode.  Because of this, it's not exactly a favorite episode.  Sorry guys, sometimes you give the reviewer her biased review on some days.  I'll try to be better next time.  Since it looks like Lia might be MIA, well hoping its not going to happen because I hate to wait to only see Angel in 1/3rds of the show or was that less?  besides not liking that scene with RB... :furious:

I thought that scene were the wounds healed super fast maybe it could have been better had they shown Lia longer in that scene.  It's an entire episode with not much happening although to be fair it's supposed to set the tone for the "mistaken notion" that Clarisse is the annointed one so we won't be seeing Angel much?

That's the problem. Just look at MaraClara, both girls they're there in most of the scenes but for this episode we missed Angel badly.  It's enough they made us wait for what a year to wait for Imortal and now we see an episode where we hardly see her :/

I noticed some other things as well but I'll stop here for now.  Better episodes for Angel next time please.  I am upset at the moment.

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