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Imortal: review of episode 25

Review written by: Angeladik

First this episode striked me as probably the pacing I prefer. Probably because the scenes are not dragging this time in particular, the dialogues needed a lift and I was hoping those characters I felt uncomfortable did better mainly because Direk made sure no dragging prolonged scenes this time.

The scenes of Mateo and Lia.  Well done for our two leads aside from creating the right tension there.  Hands down I like John Lloyd Cruz as Angel Locsin's leading man because he reciprocates her best scenes.  So the chemistry just flows naturally even in tense scenes like this one, that outside the building when they "bump" into each other after Lia avoids answering Mateo's persistent calls.

Okay before that, we have another Lia-Lucas encounter at the house.  A surprise breakfast visitor Lucas slowly realizing he's just a "friend" to Lia building up more tension for his character about why he should be envious about Mateo.   Check.  Rico Blanco is really officially into his role.  Very well done and yeah Angel is there as consistent as always.

How about my problem with Team Sangre and Maricar's difficulties at the "awkward" scenes she has to share with her two co-star vampires? Now, I realize looks like "looking" the part is easy as a pie to Maricar Reyes but it's in the dialogues where she's sometimes adjusting.  Here however in this scene with Jake Roxas, vampire dad, she's able to deliver her dialogues better and shines in this scene.  Well, as usual Jake R. I still can't feel his "presence" but Maricar makes up for his lack of impact. Would that be good Nicks?  [i would say direk chito will not be happy since jake was his personal choice, hope someone can tell him about magnus lackluster performance so he can do something about it -nicky]

Nevertheless I at least found some consolation for Team Sangre.  I liked the fact Sam was upset about Magnus not helping her handle the two lobos from the last episode.  Yeah, they didn't show it anymore she won the "battle" of course.

There's of course the scene of Clarisse and mom Lucille who lately isn't getting a lot of exposure.  This time too Vivian Velez handles the scene better as she's not made to get into any hystericals or attention getting whatever.  But in this scene of mother-daughter having an argument re Clarisse "selling" Waya Inc in exchange for Mateo without clearing with mom, it's obvious that the tension is there mainly provided by Clarisse.

We are aware and based on the write up about Nina Dolino, that she is the neophyte actress compared to the more veteran but out of touch V.V. and although she does better in this scene, clearly the one who does her homework is the better actress no question.  In spite a better V.V. in this scene, the level is clearly not on equal terms.  Still the cooler more cunning mom role here is so much better than when V.V. is made to do hysterics as in one of those earlier episodes.

Also Nina D. provides the much better adversary for Angel's Lia here because it would be so awkward actually if V.V. were.  Really for a neophyte, this is one difficult role for Nina since it's energy requiring most of the time especially scenes with Angel because of her energy, it's not at all difficult for Angel as she shines in her role effortlessly as they both make an interesting, tense but at the same time amusing, entertaining pair of adversaries to watch.

So on we move to my take on the Clarisse Lia "encounter" at an old abandoned building.  It turns out Clarisse set her up to go there, give Lia another lesson or get rid of her for good?  hehe well what can I say, ladies job well done! How about scene selection? Okay, I don't like to pretend I know action chase choreography well but the effect of the two ladies, after all as Lucille put it, fighting over a man is so low.

Of course Angel plays underdog heroine so well although I couldn't make out what's up a bit because she got hit at the back and i thought for a while there she was holding her tummy area or did you notice that too Nicks? [actually i didn't until you pointed it out hehe guilty reading your review while watching the episode in youtube - nicky]

The acting of Angel was there and well done but that detail just bothered me you know where it hurts should be were you put your hand right? still...  It's an inconsistency to a well acted chase sequence actually.  The tension was there...we waited..although somehow I felt Lia wouldn't transform here into a lobo, still early in the series knowing the writers still would prefer the longer wait, as usual.

Of course, back at the Simon Landholdings fort Mateo didn't know about the company pictorial for a mag write up so Lucas thinking this time his Dad was favoring him over Mateo and even bragged about it earlier in the day to Lia.

So tension builds up as usual because Lucas turns up 20 minutes late and yeah the pictorial proceeded without him and Dad, in front of him, saying he's late as usual and not needed anyway.  This is an example of a smooth sequence because another acting newbie RB has this confidence he could deliver and like Nina he does with Johnny Revilla who's a natural in his role and of course JL.

Next episode.  So on we move to the next episode for next week...for kilig viewers we have Lia blurting out she indeed has feelings for Mateo...the hanging part actually at the end of this episode is Clarisse transforming and almost killing Lia but did she really intend to finish her off? or she thought she did?

Because at the start of the teaser we see her telling mom Lucille about Lia out of the way? or something? But in the next quick scene Mads is nursing Lia's wounds so she seems alright after the "kill" well we know if it were not Lia it would be hard to think one could survive that "attack."

Finally Angel shows signs of a future warrior lobo, the annointed one as she is more motivated to practice/train after getting yet another beating from Clarisse, this time one that threatened to kill her.

A vampire attacks Mateo this time with Clarisse.  Yeah, Sam got the wrong tip.  They're misled in thinking Clarisse as the anointed Lobo?  but no way can she be Lyka's daughter.  Lets get some explanation from the writers when we see this one next week.

My Thoughts.  Okay some viewers are a bit complaining about the high strung role of Clarisse here but I think she's still a natural and it's actually setting the tone for what's next for I'm fine with about you Nicks you think the writers have gone overboard in terms of her role? becuseoz I don't have complaints although some view mates have hehe I dunno with them.  [i'm not bothered with high strung bratty clarisse fave scene is still that time when she had to shout her frustration when mateo ran after lia hehe - nicky]

Yeah sometimes its gone a bit caricaturish already but that's how a scorned lobo brat should react right?  In fact, I think some local actors can get a tip from Nina the neophyte actress that she is. First you can be hysterical and follow Direk without going overboard.  We know of some veteran multi-awarded actors we even got awards for similar hysterics generating scenes but were just too much.  So sometimes even if they did better in more low key scenes you couldn't help remembering the overboard hysterics.

I have a feeling Nina derived her homework study more from foreign actors because a typical local actress would go overboard given the type of hysterics she's made to do.  Let's hope though the reason for the control is also credited to Direk. After all Imortal is a team effort and we want to credit the directors here when the actors are doing so well.  [hmm, perhaps that's the reason why sam has to modulate her  voice coz direk called her attention on that regard, just speculating here -nicky]

One of the difficult roles I think particularly for a local actor is doing hysterics, in particular for actresses because at the same time you have to deal with the stereotyped preferences of our directors.  They really want it hyper and exaggerated and Nina is no exception here.  She's required to do it most of the time and yet the control is there and even if some may complain she's too exaggerated we know it's the role and she's still smooth doing it in spite of that.

So if it's easy for Angel to reciprocate effortlessly and her acting, especially with her eyes, is outstanding, it's good reason why her exchanges with Nina is always interesting.  Both are effective together although now the next challenge is to take it to a higher level of course.

For Nina, one of her abilities too is she has good voice control although part of acting sometimes "allow" the ladies or actresses to go "high pitch" because well women have this natural tendency.  Still it's easier to watch an actress when she can control her voice when she emotes despite the hysterics of the scene.

So far, I've been happy with Angel and as a fan that's important.  Some minor hand movement hitches but the eyes for me are the best for Angel here in Imortal.  It's really been outstanding and Angel's the perfect underdog later transformed heroine

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