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Imortal: review of episode 21

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 21 is about this fateful day when Lia will finally transform but it's about Mateo, needing Lia once more.

It's a bright sunny day, Clarisse (really she spices things up even if in stereotypical fashion) invites Mateo to a date at the Bright Lives Foundation, which could also be Jethro's clue for bright light since on that day Mateo with the hot blistering sun gets burned until he's able to find a shaded area.

Literally getting burned which we know by now is yet again one of the signs of him being a soon to be transformed full fledged Vampire.  But before that, the writers wanted to emphasize the fact that Mateo's really just fooling himself as it's in his date with Clarisse and Andoy (the fat orphan boy whom Clarisse last time they meet bullied and the cause for Mateo being upset, of course we all remember that episode and it was Lia who had the heart of gold for orphaned make that abandoned kids of which Mateo is also one).

The orphan, this time plays the role of "match maker" making Mateo realize even more he's in love, so the date with Clarisse with Mateo rejecting her attempt at a kiss and Lia was by then already there to witness that.  Of course, the reason why "pesky" but cute and nice Lia is there is courtesy of Jethro's blog warning to Diane (his name for Lia in his blog) that Mateo will be in danger and the tip is, it will be at the Bright Lives Foundation.

So the heroine in Lia just like her parents will do everything to get there and save the day once more for Mateo and that was when she saw the rejected attempt of Clarisse to kiss Mateo.  The mood set is actually suspenseful but at the same time so fan friendly.  The writers wanted to build up not only suspense for the imminent danger but also to build up the blossoming romance, the danger setting the tone for that.

And it's all packaged with Lia's transformation which I thought was really less dramatic compared to the church transformation of Lyka in Lobo but nevertheless the shorter, less dramatic Lia transformation I still found cool even if shorter. Yup no dramatics and I even found it cute.  I dunno if it's just me hehe, the shoes had to give on this occasion too ;)

On the first caption we see Lia looking so gorgeous yup Lobo means sex appeal when Angel transforms close up defines more how gorgeous Angel is and her well defined features is emphasized here, in just one shot. Then they show her looking animalistic and fierce a bit scary as the CGI start rolling, the shirt gets torn, and the hands become paws which I thought was cute...oh thats just me....then the shoes gives :P and we see the white brown Lobo replacing the human form of Lia.

All the while this happened after Lia awakes, after being thrown and sent flying way high on top of a tall tree by Lyndon who was by this time wanting to bring his captive Mateo.  Lyndon the Vampire was literally holding his captive Mateo away when Lia finding Mateo left behind by Clarisse at the Foundation runs to Mateo's rescue and gets the high flying beating from Lyndon.

Mateo of course sees the rescue attempt of his heroine Lia prior to all these.  Then suddenly another Vampire, Tom, is ready to get Mateo away from Lyndon since he doesn't agree with Lyndon's ideas of Mateo being the "real" tinakda and not Sam, rather...take Mateo away from Lyndon.

That's when the transformed Lia the Lobo breaks the battle for Mateo not after Tom sees Lyndon getting burned after touching the yet unknown Lobo.

It seems to me Mateo doesn't really get scared so much of the sight of Vampires and a Lobo.  He did look a bit scared but looks to me he's not exactly that scared or surprised to see one and perhaps its got something to do with his being a Vampire only he doesn't know yet? [perhaps JLC was too much into understatement style that he didn't realize that at times physical nuances is more effective at certain point.  i wonder whether the director was too much a fan of JLC that he let him get away with it hehe - nicky]

Finally Lia the Lobo faces Mateo, yup that was a nice one for JL.  The sight of the CGI didn't bother me,  maybe am used to it by now.  Lia the Lobo, some tense moment there with Mateo, finally leaves him alone after some scrutiny and for a while there I thought Lia the Lobo might hug or ask Mateo if he were ok :glad:

Then Mateo worried more about Lia than his "encounter" or maybe the writers didn't want so much to dramatize how Mateo would feel after seeing two vampires and the sight of the CGI Lobo.

The emphasis is obviously more now on the blossoming romance.  Well, for kilig fans hehe me...that was so fan friendly but actually watching it I was wondering should Mateo be at least a bit more scared aside of course from being worried about Lia? [fan service overload? 'am not complainin' -nicky]

We then see Lia transformed back to her human form. It's simple again but the sight of Angel this time no need for the whole body shoot of Lobo just her beautiful face close up.

Mateo's reaction.  We know he's this brazenly tough guy who loves a good brawl and it's almost like a stress reliever for him getting beaten up then making his comebacks beating up the opponent not after getting beat up first.  But here we see for the first time Mateo seeing the Vampires as they are and a Lobo? This is the first time he sees them right?  Because if you've seen Imortal from day 1, the young Mateo was not made to know about the Vampires, they looked "normal" when with him.

Even his father Roman didn't show himself as a vampire, even the young Mateo didn't know they didn't eat cooked food which he did being a half breed. So let's guess Mateo's not scared of anything?  And yeah he's a modern man not a bit surprised by the sight of these "beings" or "creatures".

Next Episode.  Then the teaser for episode 22 is so fan friendly...just as romance fans want it..Lia is back talking to her bff Maj and dad Abraham and Nanay Tabs at home when Mateo rushes to find her safe there.

Tom reports to Sam what he just witnessed.  Mateo seeing them vampires and to watch out for danger...finally looks like the Lobo they encountered could be the Lobo Warrior daughter of Lyka. the one Sam's supposed to Battle...the sign is when Lyndon gets burned touching the Annointed Lobo.

Thoughts.  This time too If I may say so, the hug promises to be even more kilig than the kiss...imagine! Oh but Lucas is there to witness it as he joins in unwantedly...caught in the act is Lia and Mateo locked in a "meaningful" embrace :biggrin:  Quick though on episode 21 :biggrin: but fans want more.   I guess Mateo and Lia really better deliver.  But lets say the writers can spoil us, we'll be getting the love story we wanted and hopefully more :D

Yup both Angel Locsin and JL have successfully delivered the romance here.  Nice acting by charming actors.  We're surely expecting more next.

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