Monday, November 22, 2010

Derek Ramsay loves to join Imortal

Derek Ramsay expresses interest to have Angel Locsin as her next  leading lady.  He also admits being a fan of Angel's current top-rated show, Imortal, and would really love to be part of the show even for just a cameo or guest role.  To read the entire article of ABS-CBN, click here.

Angeladik's comment:

About Derek, that would actually be interesting if he did a cameo as a Vamp and he's "interested" in Lia. 

Like we both agree, Mateo doesn't even have any form of competition here for Lia, like she really was a NBSB (no boyfriend since birth).  Yeah, no real choices for suitors so Mateo rules like a god.  How could Mateo feel even some jealousy from Lucas?  He's been a looser his entire life.

It would be interesting if Derek played an intelligent,accomplished and very rich executive son or owner of another big company wanting to be in Waya Inc and happens to be a Vamp or he might be an ordinary mortal but "interested" in Lia and Sam makes him a Vamp to get to Lia..hmmmm.

Yeah pretty much that can definitely add excitement especially if Imortal's playing longer than the usual TV series.  Derek could want to be in Waya Inc. too just like Simon.  He's a go getter and successful at everything he does.  This will be an acting challenge for Derek, exudes a lot of personality and appeal at the same time.  Can he pull it off Nicks? [not sure coz i have not watched his dramas closely and the glimpses i've seen seemed he is an actor-still-in-progress but i would not mind looking at him so there's consolation hehe -nicky]

Of course, a still very much a sought after bachelor and very 'interested" in Lia  Now that's a winner suitor for Lia, not a looser.  While in Magkaribal Derek played a boxer, here in Imortal he can play the bright executive smart, educated abroad, better get him a great stylist to make sure he's dressed to kill.

Please do the same for Angel.  Yeah I although saw on Facebook the teaser for next episode and running Lia in that blue blouse and skirt she looks chic so that's promising.

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